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Dec 05, 2006, 04:52
The way Isiah Thomas has talked about him and the importance of his absence from the lineup, Jared Jeffries has a lot of hype to live up to when he does finally return from a fractured wrist. And in about a week to 10 days, he will.

Jeffries, this past summer's midlevel exception signee who has missed the entire season thus far, yesterday was cleared to practice. He could make his Knicks debut by Monday's game against Boston or Dec. 13 against Atlanta. Thomas said he plans to get the 6-11 forward, known most for his defensive versatility, right into the mix.


Dec 05, 2006, 19:54
jeffries should be a nice edition and help the knicks playsome good defence. There is alot of hype about him, but I believe he will serve a good purpose. He should be able to start, but there is a problem in putting him in the team. I believe moving someone like francis, and shifting positions, so Jeffries can start, and play well.

Dec 06, 2006, 12:27
im excited about jeffries return. im not too sure why isiah isnt considering giving a jeffries and lee both a shot in the starting line-up. i would try out...
pg- marbury
sg- q-rich
sf- david lee
pf- jeffries
c- curry

putting marbury back as the only point guard on the floor might help him get back to his 20 and 8 stat line. he might just need the ball in his hands every trip up the floor.

q has proven a worthy starter. and having him @ the 2 will allow us another forward down low for some rebounds. it will keep him up at the arc which will get him better looks, which will open up the floor for us.

david lee should without a doubt be a starter. his rebounding and hustle is something we need from the opening tip. we have plenty of guys that can provide a spark off the bench (nate, jamal, and balkman... sh*t even frye could provide a nice spark off the bench).

jeffries is another key to shutting down the opposition. i dont know why everyone is saying he should start SF when he can also play PF. is he a better defender against the opposing small forwards or the opposing power forwards? im not fimiliar with his game so im not sure what is best for him. does anyone know?

im thrilled that curry has finally found his game. 20+ points in 7 games shows that he is an elite center in this game. he is starting to crash the boards the way he should be.

i think theze 5 players should be our starters. does anyone agree w/ me?

George M.
Dec 06, 2006, 14:23
A Starting lineup of Stephon or Stevie at the 1,Q at the 2,Jeffries at 3,Frye at the 4,Curry at the 5 is the way it would probably go unless we become rebound deficient, then put Lee at the 4.I think it would be prudent for the starting lineup to be this way size & defense wise.His return would give us 2 good defenders in the lineup with Q being 2dimensional we'd have 4 good scorers.Our opponents won't be blowing out the starters anymore.Theoretically,I would think that his return should make us a playoff team,but we shall see!!!!!!:peace: :gony:

Dec 06, 2006, 22:50
we need jeffries back becuz of his D