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Jan 03, 2007, 06:20
Hey guys, yesterday I saw by chance shawn Marion shooting the ball during a playoff game last year and each time I'm seeing the guy shooting I can't help thinking his shoot is really horrible.

I'd like to know, what is for you the best shooter (the most beautiful to watch) ever and the worst ??

For me :

Best shooting motion :
1- Allan Houston
2- Michael Jordan
3- Ray Allen

Worst :
1- Shawn Marion
2- Marcus Camby
3- Shaq

Jan 03, 2007, 14:23
best shooters:
allan houston
Steve Kerr
Glen rice
reggie miller

Worst shooters:
anthony mason
tyrone hill
reggie miller

Reggie Miller had a real weired shot it was fundamentally wrong, but i loved it cause it looked nice in motion, BUT i hated the **** causa how much times he killed us with it! :bitch:

Jan 03, 2007, 15:15
I hate to admit this because I've trashed this guy time and time again but Alan Houston and Reggie Miller are two of the best shooters I've ever seen. I'd also have to say Magic Johnson.

Jan 03, 2007, 15:48
desmond mason and jared jeffries also has one of the worst shots in the nba.