View Full Version : Matrix Revolutions

Nov 07, 2003, 12:43
any impressions on this?
i think it was better than the first part

Nov 09, 2003, 10:30
i think the movie sucked, the worst part of em all, a waist of time and money
for those who hadn't seen it yet, this might help you a bit:


Nov 10, 2003, 13:47
i think i'll go to see it for the weekend, just to see it with my own eyes :)

Nov 16, 2003, 09:43
i've seen it last night, it wasn't that bad, it was quite good, not as good as the first part, but it was ok, as for the <reloaded> i saw it just on pc and didn't concentrate enough, so i can't make a correct comparation