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Feb 10, 2007, 20:30

I think that this could be helpful to both teams. The Knicks have way to many guards and they can get rid of Francis, who can still play btw, not as good as he used to, but he'd be an asset to the Wolves. They also get rid of Robinson, who doesn't get any playing time anymore due to Marbury and Crawford playing so well. Eddy Curry, the backbone of this team has to leave in order to make the trade viable. The Wolves get a consistent score who gets better with every game.

Meanwhile, they finally can unload KG. He'll never admit it, but he wants to get the hell out of Minnesota.

So the Knicks get a starting line-up of
PG: Marbury
SG: Jamal Crawford
SF: Quentin Richardson
PF: Kevin Garnett
C: Channing Frye

Marbury's best attribute is his ability to penetrate and create. This works perfectly in this starting line-up. He can dish the ball off to two great scorers (Q-Rich, and Crawford), can hit either of their two very versatile big men (KG, and Frye), for a shot, or can drive the ball in himself.

Frye could never work well with Curry because Curry always needed to be down in the low post. KG and Frye can both work the post or hit a nice 18 footer. They can practically take turns and keep the defense on their toes. And they're both good passers (one of Curry's worst abilities). Another one of Curry's worst abilities, rebounding, is completely covered by a top 5 rebounder in the NBA, KG.

Then, on the bench, there is Mardy Collins who isn't a bad player, he just never got a chance to prove himself. Renaldo Balkman, an energy player who can do everything well except shoot the ball (they've got plenty of people who can do that). Jared Jeffries is a lock-down who belongs on the bench and can come into the game when needed. Isiah just needs to understand that he's not always needed. David Lee is the sixth man of this team and will get plently of minutes. (can you imagine having two of the top rebounders in the league on one team?) Malik Rose will play occasionally when needed but isn't that important (he still can play good D and works his <Censored> off). Jerome James and Kelvin Cato will be helpful when Frye can't play D against some of the bigger centers in the league (Yao, Howard, Amare, etc).

The Wolves starting line-up will be
PG: Randy Foye
SG: Steve Francis
SF: Ricky Davis
PF: Eddie Griffin
C: Eddy Curry

Trenton Hassel coming off the bench when Steve Francis can't play D against bigger shooting guards. Other than that, remember that Kevin McHale doesn't always make the greatest choices. But I can't see the Wolves getting a better deal than this anytime soon.

Tell me what you think

Feb 11, 2007, 08:51
ur link doesn't work...but the trade actually makes sense. Before now, i would never ever ever think of trading Eddy. But the way u put it, it actually makes sense. Channing is an all-star center waiting to happen. and o yea... KG will help 2, lol.

Feb 11, 2007, 17:59