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The 1 and Only
May 20, 2007, 10:00
Other than being a big fan of basketball, I'm also a big fan of boxing. My favorite boxers out there right now is RJJ and Allan Green. Who are your favorite boxers and who do you think is the pound for pound champ?

May 24, 2007, 14:02
I like boxing too. I like Andrew Golota fought multiple times for heavyweight title. Floyd Mayweather, Zab Judah is nice. I liked Lenox Lewis. Of course I think the champ is Bernard Hopkins. Having the title for so long and loosing it.

May 26, 2007, 19:09
Zab Judah is going to get eaten alived by Miguel Cotto.

The 1 and Only
May 27, 2007, 00:23
I'd have to disagree with that man...it's going to be a good fight, but when Zab is on his A game...no one can stop him. Mayweather almost felt his wrath until he fought stupid and stepped away from his game plan which was to utilize his quickness. Cotto is going to have to cut off the ring to even stand a chance. I'm saying Zab by UD. I Just hope my boy RJJ makes his comeback strong.

May 29, 2007, 10:06
Cotto is a BEAST, after he destroys Judah, he should have a mega match with Mayweather Jr. and crown himself as the King.

Puerto Rico is the best pound for pound. Larry Merchant would agree.


The 1 and Only
May 29, 2007, 20:15
Ring Magazine P4P List
1.Floyd Maweather
3.Raphael Marquez
4.Juan Manuel Marquez
5.Winky Wright
7.Joe Calzaghe (chump)
8.Marco Antonio Barrera
9.Ricky Hatton
10.Jermain Taylor
This obviously proves why America is easily the best place to fight the P4P champs...African American at that. The best figher of our generation was RJ in my opinion so even proves the argument even better. Next is Mexico then its arguable from there. B-Hop and RJ my top 2 faves should have gotten it on 3-4 years ago...it might have been the most anticipated fight in the past 15-20 years. RJ still has something left in the tank and B-Hop is fighting father time so we'll see....Judah wins by UD

May 29, 2007, 20:47
Puerto Rico is number 1 for boxers. There are 215.3 white Americans. There are 40 million African Americans. There are 26.8 million Mexican Americans and 103 million Mexicans.

Puerto Rican is an island about 3.8 million people and in the United States there are under 4 million Puerto Ricans. Porpotion wise, Puerto Rican stands superior in being a powerhouse of talent. Those three other groups are well respected and have credibility, but Puerto Rican stands number one if you want to look at talent production.

US- 275 Million
Mexico- 105 MIllion
PR- 7 Million (half on the island, half in the US)

I think it's been settled that pound for pound (or I should say, square mile per square mile) its Puerto Rico. (It's a common saying among PR boxers that we are the best boxers b/c we are the best dancers... ). But the country with the best and most champs is Mexico...and you can't be a Mexican fighter without a ton of heart and a chin made of granite. I think that the US has so many champs b/c with a population of 275 million, you're bound to have a bunch of great champs.

PR has the best claim of this for sure. :peace:


Judah will be another victim.

May 29, 2007, 20:58

In proportion, Puerto Rico is and has been the biggest champion producer in the World.


The 1 and Only
May 29, 2007, 21:27
Tru tru tru, but I'm just being realistic. That's good that you know all those statistics and it's true that puerto rico has a smaller population than Afro-Americans and Mexicans. But the only credible puerto ricans that come to my mind is Camacho, Cotto, and Trinidad...I could go for days about African American fighters. We all know the #1 of all-time is Sugar Ray Robinson...that is not really arguable. Next would be Ali in my opinion. Really the only chance Cotto has against Zab is if he cuts off the ring...otherwise his face will be cut and bloody just like his other opponents. He is one of the quickest fighers out there hand and footspeed. His power has something to be desired but the speed will lightup the best of them. When you dominate half of a fight against one of the best defensive boxers in Mayweather...ya gotta give him props. All I know is none of those cats could touch my boy Roy at his prime...NO ONE

May 29, 2007, 22:02
I'd luv 2 see Mayweather and Cotto (I think Mayweather is ducking him) but i still think Mayweather would beat him. I think this Judah fight is gonna be a good fight if it goes past 5. Mayweather=G.O.A.T :smokin:

The 1 and Only
May 29, 2007, 22:35
I like Mayweather...he's a good guy...but people compare him to RJ and he's nowhere close to him. He gotta step his game up to be put in a league like RJ, B-Hop...or any of those guys...talented guy but he shouldn't be in the top 50 boxers of all-time.

May 30, 2007, 12:45
what!!!????? Mayweather not in the to 50??? ur buggin

The 1 and Only
May 30, 2007, 14:01
nah man I didn't say it even though I believe it...read this article http://www.saddoboxing.com/boxing_forum/index.php/topic,48054.0.html

"Floyd Mayweather is still active and has not yet proven that he deserves to be on this list. Perhaps he will once his career is finished but it remains to be seen. Although undefeated Floyd was given a gift in his first fight against Jose Luis Castillo and if his name had been Merriweather instead of Mayweather he would have lost. In his most recent outing against Delahoya he was far from spectacular. Former boxer and writer Frank Lotierzo offered this opinion, “Mayweather is so basic and does nothing special. I have never seen him create or set a trap, ala Robinson setting up Fullmer for the left-hook in their rematch. Or the way Leonard lured Hagler to follow him around the ring, then stop, so he could move as Hagler was getting set to throw, disrupting his whole rhythm and keeping him a step behind.” Mayweather is physically gifted but against Delahoya he simply took what Oscar gave him. Floyd did not make Oscar do things that he didn’t want to do. Floyd may end up on this list, but he still has something to prove before such accolades can be bestowed upon him. It’s best to evaluate fighters like Mayweather once their career, or at least their best days are behind them."

He gives reasons...they ranked RJ at 44 which is definitely wrong, he deserves better. But there's always disputable rankings in boxing.

May 30, 2007, 15:00
He's still the greatest IMO (can't see ne1 in the history of boxing beating him) I would've loved 2 see him and Sweet Pea Whitaker in their primes throwin down.

The 1 and Only
May 30, 2007, 15:32
The Greatest of our time...former world middleweight, world super middleweight, world light heavyweight, and heavyweight champion of the world, defeated James Toney, B-Hop, Virgil Hill, and countless of other world champions...at his prime people thought he was the best EVER...made greats look bad and his style is like no other...won 49 consecutive fights (the griffin DQ doesn't count in my opinion since the winner was out on the canvas) at his prime his was to quick for the bigs...to strong for the lil guys...and that right hook would shatter anything it would touch including Virgil Hills ribs and countless of boxers jaws...this man was the fighter of the decade for a reason...he is easily the best of our time...look at this and decide for yourself...



The 1 and Only
Jun 09, 2007, 23:39
Anybody see the judah-cotto fight? Great fight. The low blows were a bit dirty but thats part of the sport. Cotto cut off the ring like what I said he had to do to win the fight and he did that exceptionally. He's on his way to stardom...

Jun 10, 2007, 02:48
You have to kill Cotto before you beat him. Glass jaw? No where to be found. Judah layed some nice hooks on Cotto, but Cotto is too tough and recovered quickly from being stunned.

Cotto has 1,001 ways to win a fight, even when he's hurt. Judah cut him under his lower lip, he cut Cotto on his right eyebrow with a headbutt and Cotto simply didn't care and came straight forward with a brutal offense. And what about the horrible beating Cotto gave to Judah? The way Cotto left Judah's right side of his face after the fight speaks for itself.

Cotto haters, do you believe now or you'll keep looking for more ways to fool yourselves thinking Cotto will lose a fight???

When your fighting Cotto it is NOT like Oscar...Cotto won't stay there like a dumbass waiting for a good shot...Cotto fights the 3 minutes of the round, sooner or later Mayweather is going to have to throw some shots if he wants to try and win. Thats where cotto will catch him continuously until Mayweather cant continue, something similar to what just happened with Zab.

Cotto is eating dudes alive right now.


Jun 12, 2007, 16:15
Missed the fight because I'm not falling for the hype anymore and paying for a tap dance ie Mayweather-De la Hoya. But as far as PR standing for more talent: PLEASE!!! If that was the case history would full of PR boxers for decades. If I had to guess most of the PR boxers train in the US anyway.

The 1 and Only
Jun 12, 2007, 17:05
PLEASE!!! If that was the case history would full of PR boxers for decades.

Exactly...no one from puerto rico at their prime can match Roy Jones jr, Benard Hopkins, James Toney, and Evander Holyfield. I could name more but I don't want to take all day LOL.

Jun 12, 2007, 21:20
Puerto Rico produces the most talent for its size and population.

Are you aware there are more world champions in boxing from Puerto Rico than anywhere else? Thats RIGHT! 53.

Even boxing experts would agree


Boxing isn't even a mainstream sport in America anymore.

#1. Felix "Tito" Trinidad
(42-1, 35 KO's)
Cupey Alto, Puerto Rico (1990-2004).
Future Hall of Famer and former IBF welterweight, WBA junior middleweight and WBA middleweight champion. Devastating puncher with wicked left hook. Won first world championship at 20, when he KO'd Maurice Blocker in two-rounds, in 1993. Holds victories over, Hector Camacho, Yori Boy Campas, Pernell Whitaker, Oscar De La Hoya, Fernando Vargas, William Joppy and Ricardo Mayorga.

#2. Wilfredo "El Radar" Benitez
(53-8-1, 31 KO's)
San Juan, Puerto Rico (1973-1990).
-Benitez became the youngest fighter to win a world title at the age of 17, when he defeated Antonio Cervantes, to capture the WBA junior welterweight crown in 1976. Tremendous boxer-puncher and Hall of Famer, who went on to win the WBA welterweight and junior middleweight titles. Victories over Bruce Curry, Carlos Palomino, Randy Shields and Roberto Duran. Stayed too long at the party.

#3. Wilfredo "Bazooka" Gomez
(44-3-1, 42 KO's)
Las Monjas, Puerto Rico (1974-1989).
-A weapon from 122 to130 pounds. Devastating puncher and crowd pleaser. Had one of the highest knockout win percentages in professional boxing, winning 88 percent of his bouts by knockout. Ring Magazine ranked Gómez as thirteenth on a list of the all-time greatest punchers in 2003. First captured the WBA super bantamweight crown with a 12 rd. TKO of Dong-Kyun Yum, in 1977 and successfully defended his title 13 times. Gomez later recaptured the WBA belt with a 6th rd. TKO over Juan Meza, then won the WBA featherweight belt and WBA super featherweight crowns. Holds wins over Carlos Zarate, Ruben Valdez, Derrik Holmes, Juan Antonio Lopez, Robert Rubaldino, Lupe Pintor, Juan LaPorte and Rocky Lockridge.

#4. Carlos Ortiz (60-7-1, 29 KO's)
Ponce, Puerto Rico (1955-1972).
-Outstanding junior lightweight and WBC & WBA lightweight champion. Hall of Famer and class act of the 135-pound division. An excellent boxer/puncher throughout the 1950 and 1960's. Holds wins over Kenny Lane, Battling Torres, Joe Brown, Doug Valiant, Flash Elorde, Ishmael Laguna, and Sugar Ramos.

#5. Edwin "El Chappo" Rosario
(47 -6, 41 KO's)
Toa Baja, Puerto Rico (1979-1997.)
-Talented slugger and three time world champion; WBC and WBA lightweight titleholder, WBA junior welterweight king. Captured the vacant WBC 135-pound crown with win over Jose Luis Ramirez, lost crown in 1984 "Fight of the Year" to Ramirez 19 months later. Recaptured title with brutal 2nd rd. KO of Livingston Bramble. His outstanding record shows wins over Edwin Viruet, Howard Davis Jr., Frankie Randall, Anthony Jones, and a stunning third round TKO over WBA 140-pound champion Loreto Garza, after dropping the titleholder twice in the 1st and twice in the 3rd.

#6. Sammy "El Torbellino" Serrano
(52-4-1, 17 KO's)
Toa Alto, Puerto Rico (1969-1997.)
-Classic boxer mover, who could sting you with either hand. Captured the WBA super featherweight belt by outpointing Ben Vilaflor, in 1976 and defended the belt 10 times. Won the same title back by outpointing Yasutsune Uehara and defended it two more times. Holds wins over Apollo Yoshio, Young-Ho Oh, Julio Valdez, Nkosana "Happy Boy" Mgxaji, Battlehawk Kazama and Benedicto Vilablanca.

#7. Jose "Chegui" Torres
(41-3-1, 29 KO's)
Playa Ponce, Puerto Rico (1958-1969).
-Former outstanding middleweight who moved up to 175 and captured the WBA & WBC light heavyweight belts by scoring a ninth round TKO over Willie Pastrano, in 1965. A Hall of Famer, who defended his titles three times, Torres remains one of boxing's most elegant spokesmen. Wins over Jose Gonzalez, Gomeo Brennan, Carl "Bobo" Olson, Wayne Thorton, Eddie Cotton and Chic Calderwood.

#8. Estaban De Jesus
(57-5, 32 KO's)
Carolina, Puerto Rico (1969-1980).
-Gifted boxer puncher, who was the first man to defeat Roberto Duran. Captured the WBC lightweight title by scoring a 15-rd. win over Guts Ishimatsu, in 1976. Defended title three times and holds lifetime wins over Duran, Ray Lampkin, Johnny Gant, Hector Julio Medina, Buzzsaw Yamabe, Vincente Saldivar and Edwin Viruet.

#9. John John Molina
(52-7, 33 KO's)
Fajardo, Puerto Rico (1986-2001).
-Former three-time world champion. Captured the vacant WBO super featherweight belt by scoring a 12-rd. win over Juan LaPorte, in 1989. Six months later, Molina won the IBF 130-pound crown by scoring a 10th rd. TKO over Tony "Tiger" Lopez. Molina holds victories over Lupe Suarez, Jackie Gunguluza, Fernando Caicedo, Francisco Segura, Manuel Medina, Bernard Taylor and Goyo Vargas.

#10. Wilfredo "Pride of Puerto Rico" Vazquez
(56-9-2, 41 KO's)
Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico (1981-2002).
-Explosive fighter and holder of three different world championships in three different divisions. Former WBA bantamweight, WBA super bantamweight and WBA featherweight titleholder. Captured his first world title by scoring a 10th rd. TKO over Chan-Yong Park in 1987. Vazquez went on to win the WBA 122-pound crown with a 3rd rd. TKO over Raul Perez in 1992, and the WBA featherweight title by scoring a 11th rd. TKO over Eloy Rojas. Holds victories over Juan Carazo, Thierry Jacob, Luis Enrique Mendoza, Hiroaki Yokota, Yuichi Kasai, Jae-Won Choi, Bernardo Manuel Mendoza, Yuji Watanabe, Roque Cassiani and Genaro Rios.

#11. Alfredo "El Salsero" Escalera
(53-14-3, 31 KO's)
Carolina, Puerto Rico (1970-1983).
-Tremendous boxer, puncher, performer, who won the WBA super featherweight title by scoring a second round KO over Kuniaki Shibata in 1975. Escalera would go on to defend his crown nine times. "El Salsero" holds victories over Frankie Otero, Svein Erik Paulsen, Buzzsaw Yambe, Ray Luny III, Tyrone Everett, Ronnie McGarvey, Carlos Becerril and Sigfredo Rodriguez.

#12 Hector Camacho
(78-5-2, 38 KO's)
Bayamón, Puerto Rico (1980-2004)
-Captured the vacant WBC Super Featherweight Title, when he KO'd Rafael "Bazooka" Limon at 2:52 of the fifth round, in 1983, then in 1985, he won the WBC lightweight crown, by scoring a 12 rd. unanimous decision over Jose Luis Ramirez. In 1989, Camacho would go on to claim the vacant WBO junior welterweight belt by scoring a 12 rd. split decision over Ray Mancini. Camacho won 39 straight fights until he was upset by Greg Haugen and lost a 12 round split decision. In that bout, Camacho had a point deducted at the start of the final round because he hit his opponent rather than shake hands. Camacho would go on to win a variety of fringe titles and keep fighting for a number of years. Camacho holds win over, Edwin Rosario, Cornelius Boza-Edwards, Howard Davis, Jr., Vinny Pazienza, Tony Baltazar, Greg Haugen, Luis Maysonet, Gary Kirkland, Sugar Ray Leonard, Tony Menefee, and Roberto Duran.

The 1 and Only
Jun 12, 2007, 21:24
That's great and all...but none of them tops RJ...NONE. Not only RJ...but Benard Hopkins, Sugar Ray Robinson, and Ali. You're crazy if you think that or just extremely biased...

Jun 14, 2007, 18:44
That's great and all...but none of them tops RJ...NONE. Not only RJ...but Benard Hopkins, Sugar Ray Robinson, and Ali. You're crazy if you think that or just extremely biased...

Who said that, or cares? PR has 53 world champions. We won.

The 1 and Only
Jun 14, 2007, 19:04
It's quality not quantity kid. You named quantity...I named quality. Tell your 53 champs that they can't touch the great ones (RJ, Ali, Sugar Ray Robinson). thank you

The 1 and Only
Jun 14, 2007, 19:20
"That Puerto Rico ranks third in the world with the most boxing champions in history, after the United States and Mexico?"


Now what were you saying about Puerto Rico has the most champs ever? You're argument is dead. NEXT...

Jun 14, 2007, 19:53
It's quality not quantity kid.

We have both.

You use wikipedia as a mainsorce. No wonder why you fail in all of your post.

The 1 and Only
Jun 14, 2007, 20:17
Yet that is why everyone disagrees with you?? LOL

Jun 19, 2007, 00:14

Get a job, grouch.

The 1 and Only
Jun 21, 2007, 16:21
I have great job that makes alot of money unlike yourself but I don't know what that has to do with the topic? ooo that's right you like to go personal when you lose discussions LOL. I forgot about that. Anyways...hatton fights castillo this saturday...I'm thinking that castillo wins by KO but hatton has mad heart to squeeze out a SD or a UD. RJ fights Hanshaw and B-Hop fights Winky in the next couple of big bouts...who's going to win those? I say RJ wins by TKO in the 9th and B-Hop wins by UD against Winky.

Jun 21, 2007, 17:53

Mayweather needs to stop being a bitch and stop hiding. Cotto won the poll against Mayweather on HBOBOXING in a head to head match.

This a great article coming from Maxboxing

If I were a fighter—which I most definitely am not—and if I were in peak condition—which I most definitely am not—I would probably be a welterweight. And I would definitely be ducking Miguel Cotto at all costs.

Cotto is precisely the kind of fighter who would terrify me. The night before my fight with Cotto, I wouldn’t sleep a wink, seeing visions of him walking me down, winging left hooks that shatter my ribs. In my visions, he wouldn’t be swollen and oozing blood, because nothing I could do with my fists would actually put a scratch on him, but even if he was swollen and oozing blood, he’d be impossible to discourage. Maybe he’s not the fastest guy out there. Maybe he doesn’t have the trickiest moves. Maybe he isn’t very hard to find. That’s fine. Fast, tricky, elusive fighters aren’t the ones who make you wake up in a cold sweat. Destroyers like Miguel Cotto are.

If Floyd Mayweather, the all-around pound-for-pound best fighter alive, were signed to fight Cotto, he probably wouldn’t be nervous like I would. Mayweather, unlike me, knows how to defend himself, he’s had 38 professional fights and 90 amateur fights, and he’s so calm and poised in the ring, you get the sense there’s no opponent out there who could make him lose sleep. Mayweather probably doesn’t fear Cotto at all.

But he should. Because Cotto is the one fighter at 154 pounds or below whom I would favor to beat Floyd Mayweather. And not just BEAT Mayweather. BEAT UP Mayweather.

Mayweather, the best fighter to come out of the 1996 Olympics, recently beat Oscar De La Hoya, the best fighter to come out of the 1992 Olympics. But that was largely because the ’92 Olympian was a few years past his best and didn’t quite have the right style to tame Mayweather. But the best fighter to come out of the 2000 Olympics, Cotto, is in his prime right now. And he just happens to have the perfect style to defeat the best fighter from the previous Olympiad.

Can Mayweather be outboxed from the outside? I believe he can, but it would take a perfect performance from an elite fighter to do it. For four rounds, Zab Judah showed that it can be done. For about eight or nine rounds, De La Hoya was doing it on roughly even terms. But to focus and do it for all 12 rounds, to keep the jab pumping under the watchful eye of Mayweather’s counter right, apparently requires a boxer a notch above Judah and De La Hoya. And there aren’t a whole lot of those out there at the moment.

So the real prototype for a fighter who can beat Mayweather is one who can follow the blueprint laid out by Jose Luis Castillo. Castillo was significantly slower than Mayweather, as Cotto is, but in their first fight, he walked “Pretty Boy” down, kept putting leather to his body, cut off the ring, and controlled the later rounds en route to losing a disputed decision. And importantly, nothing Mayweather hit him with could slow him down.

In a pound-for-pound sense, Cotto’s chin is not even close to Castillo’s, but Cotto is a significantly bigger, stronger man, and since he stopped torturing himself to make 140 pounds, his jaw has looked considerably more sturdy. If Judah’s power wasn’t enough to convince Cotto to back off, I think it’s reasonable to theorize that Cotto will be able to walk through Mayweather’s best punches without being thrown off course. Mayweather, after all, should probably still be at 140 himself, where his punches would have more sting. Both he and Cotto are in their physical primes—Mayweather at 30, Cotto at 26—but Cotto is at his prime weight. Mayweather is not.

As far as I can tell, Cotto has the perfect set of attributes to defeat Mayweather. And perhaps the most important attribute of all is this: Cotto wants to FIGHT. He hungers to be in a two-way battle, taking some punches, getting busted up, and shaking it all off to land his wicked hooks. Mayweather has no such desire. He wants to BOX. Try to drag him into a fight, and he’ll try to drag you into a boxing match. Against most opponents, Mayweather can impose his will and fight his fight. But Cotto can impose his own will unlike anyone Mayweather has faced yet. And when it comes down to heart and guts in a brutal firefight, I don’t like Mayweather’s chances against Cotto. Did you see the way Cotto reacted to that nasty cut on his lip against Judah, or to the gash over his eye opened up by a head clash? He DIDN’T react. For him, bleeding is no more of a concern than sweating.

In proportion, Puerto Rico is and has been the biggest champion producer in the World.

The 1 and Only
Jun 21, 2007, 19:12
Great Article...but terrible post. You have no proof on your opinion. No proof...no fact, simple as that. Again Americans are in the top 5 all-time...not puerto rican. Quality over quantity...you still don't get that? RJ is the best of our generation...African American. Lennox Lewis Black...Evander Holyfield..black. B-Hop..black. Tyson....black. Must I go on? Puerto Ricans have nothing on the African Americans in the sport so put that argument down. It's great to have pride in your country but we have to be truthful and unbiased. Cute list by the way...good way to cop my style from 3 months ago LOL. And if you're going to diss me...diss me properly...lonely is spelled L-O-N-E-L-Y LOL. You can't seem to do anything right...

Jun 23, 2007, 13:46
^ Ignore list, stop following my culo, thanks.

In a recent interview with La Opinion, Fernando Vargas said that he wants to fight Miguel Cotto. After watching Cotto's victory over Judah, Vargas said that he feels inspired to fight for redemption because of his loss to Puerto Rican Felix Trinidad. Vargas went on to say that a victory over Cotto would make him very happy, and he would hope that Mexican boxing fans would forgive his loss to Trinidad. Vargas also said, "It all depends on how I feel after the Mayorga fight, of course I have to win to have any future in this sport.


LOL ^ FAT BOY, could barely make it to 154.

I think Cotto will move to 154 eventually, but I think it's still too early. He should stay at 147 for a while and take it over. After he becomes the undisputed, then would be a perfect time to move up, but I think 154 will be his downfall. Too short with his hands being too short aswell.

The 1 and Only
Jun 23, 2007, 17:03
^ Nope...too late. And who speaks two languages in posts? LOL. Guess you haven't learned all your english huh? It's ok...I understand.

Anyways no one cares about Vargas...he's done. Cotto on the other hand should fight Judah for a rematch...that's if Judah mans up. Judah had Cotto hurt early but the tides turned after the couple of low blows (that were supposedly not intentional). Regardless that changed the momentum of the fight. It neutralized Judah's quickness for long periods of time which allowed Judah's face to be turned into one big open cut. I think the fans want to see it...both would get rich, another sold out Garden...what more could they both ask for?

""I heard that," trainer Mayweather said. "Good for Tony the Tyger. He only told the truth and the truth, as the saying goes, will set you free. We've got a perfect game plan. Tony said that Roy is yesterday's news in boxing and he is correct but once Tony puts a real blast on him in Biloxi, Roy Jones will become ancient history. There is no doubt in my mind that Hanshaw, at age 28, is in prime time while Roy Jones is just another summer rerun. We respect the man for what he used to be."

Mayweather Sr. has been known to run his mouth at people but now he's running his mouth to RJJ...the best of fighter of this generation...in his past couple of fights we have seen the old RJ. The only problem is that he is gun shy after getting KO'ed two consecutive fights. If he would let his machine gun hands go then everyone will be turn into swiss cheese and he will reign over the world again...just like the 90s.

Castillo vs. Hatton...who wins? Castillo by TKO in 10th

Jun 29, 2007, 22:15

Real men don't call themselves pretty.

"He may be one of those rare fighters in this generation who fights his way to the top, instead of maneuvers his way to the top (Miguel Cotto)." - Larry Merchant on Cotto

The 1 and Only
Jul 05, 2007, 18:11
WOW...real men don't call themselves pretty?? I guess RJJ, Sugar Ray Robinson, Ali, and Floyd Mayweather aren't real men LOL. They were all number 1 pound 4 pound in the world at one point of there careers...has any of your boys done that?? NOPE. You fell into that one...

Two big fights are coming up...RJJ vs Hanshaw which could be the end of RJ if he loses and B-Hop vs Winky (2 fighters that are in the top 10 P4P). It's going to be interesting to see what RJ we see and B-Hop's defensive skill will make Winky frustrated all day. B-Hop can't be stopped right now and he's 42 LOL. I gotta to give it to him...he's the most disciplined boxer out right now and he's laughin at the haters right now.

By the way has anyone seen that KO from friday night fights?? Saw the fight on tv live and was in awe when Wilson dropped him. Easily the KO of the year...

Jul 08, 2007, 16:14
^ ignore list

The return of former three-division champ Felix Trinidad (42-2, 35 KOs) has an ultimate goal in mind - a rematch with Oscar De La Hoya. King met with Trinidad last Friday to discuss the comeback in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Trinidad is planning to make his return in January 2008, and his first target is light heavyweight Roy Jones Jr. Jones has to first beat unbeaten light heavyweight Anthony Hanshaw on July 14. King told boxing writer Dan Rafael that Trinidad's comeback bout will be in New York's Madison Square Garden. Jones is the first opponent on Trindad's list, but De La Hoya is the man that Trinidad wants most.

"He's in great spirits, great health and great shape. He is going to come back," King said. "Boxing needs this now. Boxing needs Tito. What he wants to do now is he wants to kick Roy Jones' ass. It's not a one-shot deal. His ultimate goal is to whip Oscar's ass, but we won't wait on Oscar. The island ain't big enough for both of them. But he won't beg for Oscar. So he will get Oscar by whipping everyone so nobody is left for Oscar to fight."


I don't want Tito to fight Jones...because Jones is gonna fight a PBF type fight...getting away from Titos punch and running away like a *****.

I heard some news that explained why Tito's taking this fight with RJJ and taking his career from there. According to a local trainer who knows Titos well, Tito owed King one more fight. King came down to offer Tito to either make a fight or settle it by paying him a law suit. I suspect Tito wanted to come back regardless for whatever reason and instead of paying the old bastard a law suit did the right thing and agreed to lace them up one more time and make some money out of it, that's the story I heard.

On Cotto/PBF :

I think PBF knows Cotto would be a difficult fight. I dont think PBF is afraid of Cotto, I mean PBF isnt afraid of anyone. However he understands that a fight with Cotto now wont make as much money as a fight with Cotto in 2008. PBF is all about $$$.

Also the fact that PBF has not talked crap about Cotto lately, that alone lets us know his thoughts on him. I mean he calls Mosley a Sparing Partner, Hatton a wrestler & Cotto a very Good Young Fighter. That means that something about Cotto has impressed him. I expect to see PBF vs COTTO june 2008

Cotto has a lot of underrated skills. His footwork is one of the most over looked assets. I was studying his balance and anticipation which I also think are underrated. In my opinion his hand speed is the puzzle breaker.
Most boxers punching speed are one dimensional. You can almost count and time fast hands like Judah, Mayweather, ODLH etc. They are always fast balls. You can count with slow swings when you see guys like Baldomir, Margarito, and Mayorga.

Cotto punching technique is much underrated for the following reason:

Most guys see Cotto's punching as slow, but is it really slow?
Cotto's punching timing is almost impossible to detect.

Some times He throws the same punch fast, some times slow, some time some where in the middle. Some times is snappy and others strong, they come from conventional and southpaw stands and come in all angles making Cotto the most multi dimensional boxer today. Judah found that out and maybe even saw it, but could not do a thing to stop it.

Bottom line is that Cotto is the most complete offensive "pitcher like" boxer of the league.

I don't see Mayweather, Margarito, Hatton, Mosley, ODLH or any other champion dealing with Cotto's timing.

The 1 and Only
Jul 08, 2007, 23:27
^ Ignorant list


"So how exactly does Felix Trinidad tie into all of this? Back in 2001, a story broke of Felix Trinidad possibly fighting with illegal hand wraps in a story that Maxboxing.Com writer Steve Kim talked about in an article. The story goes that representatives of Bernard Hopkins camp went to see Trinidad getting his hands wrapped for the fight, which is customary in boxing, and upon arriving and seeing the wraps on Trinidads hands, specifically the left hand Team Hopkins contested the wraps and even threatened to cancel the bout, believing the wraps were incorrect. It took the Chief Inspector of the NYSAC to force Trinidads hands be re-wrapped the correct way, and even then, it didnt take until the third try to get the wraps correctly done.

With the hands correctly wrapped, the title fight between Bernard Hopkins and Felix Trinidad went on, with Hopkins completely and thoroughly dominating Trinidad, stunning him at the end of round 10, and dropping in round 12 to end the fight. Hopkins preformed flawlessly and was dominating on all three judges scorecards at the end of the fight."

This is exactly why Tito doesn't want any part of RJJ. RJ is too fast and too powerful for this cat. He will scratch RJ and RJ will unleash 6-7-8 punch combos at will against titi...had to call him that since he's not a real man. Can't even wrap his gloves right to box...sad. Trinidad will probably be left out of the hall of fame because of this cheat allegation. I guess when you have no skill, you have to resort to other measures to get where you want to be at...

Jul 09, 2007, 15:19
^ Unemployed depressed chubby kid who can't get off the meat. On my ignore post, but still replies and dickrides all my post.

The return of former three-division champ Felix Trinidad (42-2, 35 KOs) has an ultimate goal in mind - a rematch with Oscar De La Hoya. King met with Trinidad last Friday to discuss the comeback in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Trinidad is planning to make his return in January 2008, and his first target is light heavyweight Roy Jones Jr. Jones has to first beat unbeaten light heavyweight Anthony Hanshaw on July 14. King told boxing writer Dan Rafael that Trinidad's comeback bout will be in New York's Madison Square Garden. Jones is the first opponent on Trindad's list, but De La Hoya is the man that Trinidad wants most.

"He's in great spirits, great health and great shape. He is going to come back," King said. "Boxing needs this now. Boxing needs Tito. What he wants to do now is he wants to kick Roy Jones' ass. It's not a one-shot deal. His ultimate goal is to whip Oscar's ass, but we won't wait on Oscar. The island ain't big enough for both of them. But he won't beg for Oscar. So he will get Oscar by whipping everyone so nobody is left for Oscar to fight."


Tito would destroy RJJ, RJ is finished, if Glen Johnson could get him out of there with pressure imagine what Tito will do. Tito is a KO arist. RJJ's defense is very sloppy and would be vomitting Tito's glove at the end of the fight.

Guys like Floyd and RJJ run like pussies. Thats how they win fights.

The 1 and Only
Jul 09, 2007, 15:39
^ Ignorant list...see the preceding post to note what ignorant means. Dude doesn't have a meat to ride, can't speak english, fake-hood lil punk who can't take heat...that's why you sit on your depressed behind all day and spread the negativity cuz you cant get any...go get a tampon.

You're doing a good job ignoring me by the way...guess you can't get enough.

Only way titi would destroy RJ is if he cheated again because when he was exposed of his cheating ways, B-HOP got rid of him and sent him back to his trash can. RJ is faster, has more power and more experience. While the depressed titi wants a chance at a title...why do you think he wants to fight RJ?? Yep that's right...RJ is the better fighter and going to the hall of fame...where is titi going? NOWHERE. As to the RJ-Hanshaw fight...I don't know...depends if he has his legs. If RJ has his legs...no one in the world can beat him but if not then the tarver's and glen johnson's will feast on him.

Jul 09, 2007, 20:52
Dude, get the **** out of this forum. You contribute absolutely nothing to this forum except your ignorant hick bull**** bias post. You're on my IGNORE list, don't you realize I can't read your post? It is the most homo thing to see you constantly post after my post. I ignored yet you continue to follow me. If you're going to do this at your stay in the forum, then just get the **** out. I don't want to discuss boxing with you cause you're a ****ing ignorant monkey with no boxing experience or any sources. You don't contribute any links, news, insight, logical post, information, agreements, legit disagreements, you are by FAR smelliest caca to ever register on this site.

I honestly don't give a **** if I get a warning for this post. I told the moderators about your obsessive stalking on me in this forum.

Go away, get a job, gf, buy some weed, do something in your life that will get you away from me.

Peace out.

The 1 and Only
Jul 09, 2007, 21:58
Are you done? Weak and ignorant as usual...you never surprise me lol. I've obviously got in your head and I'm sorry if I made you cry lol

Anyways anyone hear of RJ sabotaging Hanshaw's final week of workouts? RJ is up to his old mental tricks. Hopefully it won't backfire on him. And Jermaine Taylor is moving up after he fights Pavlick. I think Pav will beat him...especially if Taylor shows up in the same state of mind when he fought Spinks. And did anyone see vic get KO'ed? Thought the man was invincible. Big month of boxing coming up...can't wait til the fights go down