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Jul 18, 2007, 06:37
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Jul 18, 2007, 07:39
I would like to add, maybe another season with Coach Pat Riley and the Knicks would have WON a Championship but .... I cant because the Houston Rockets (looked at how Starks could have beat them in the 6th game) and went out and grabbed SF/SG-Drexler to add with PG-Kenny Smith, PG-Cassel, PF-Horry, and the BIGMAN Olyjuwan, the next season to SWEEP the Orlando Magic "Shaq & Penny" in the FINALS to gain consecutive Titles .

Its really up to President/Coach Isiah Thomas to realize the TRUTH of Basketball, that all WINNING Teams have a PG that brings ENERGY to his Teammates to spark them up for the WIN. It was done with Gus Williams & Dennis Johnson, Magic Johnson, Cassel, Payton, Stocton, Kidd, Nash, and now Parker. Zeke should know this because he have TWO Championship Rings with the Best Energy Backcourt in the league at the time with Dumars & Fast Vinnie Johnson.
Nasty Nate Robinson is the only PG/SG on this Knick Roster that provides Energy that Sparks up his teammates performance in any given game. Nate reminds me alot of Vinnie Johnson comming off the Bench.

Buying out Fred Jones & Dickau is much cheaper than buying out Francis. Especially when you have a great reason in Syracuse 6.8 SF/SG-Demetris Nichols for this buy-out. Nichols showed the same touch as Allan Houston & Glen Rice Team-Ball instincts in every performance in the Summer League Games. I like Morris & Chandler however, after the Summer Games was over and you had to pick all three of these players again, Nichols would be the first pick, then Morris, then Chandler. WHY?
Rookie Nichols Skillz Fits-Well into all three of the Knick PG-Offense (Marbury, Nate, and Collins), plus he have a defensive mechanism as a rookie.