View Full Version : The Atlantic Division is Not a Game Anymore

Jul 30, 2007, 17:28
The T'Wolves agreed to part with Garnnett and the Big Ticket will be in Beantown.

The Knicks have a legitimate 4 with Zach Randolph.

Toronto is reigning division champs

Nets are always strong

Sixers got much better when Iverson left.

Just when the Knicks had a chance to take the Atlantic crown...the road there just got tough.

This was meant to be. Real competition with the Atlantic looking formidable on paper. Hope it plays out on the court.

GO KNICKS!!!!!!!

The 1 and Only
Jul 30, 2007, 19:28
I can see us taking out toronto now since we have two low post monsters while they don't really have one. Bosh is ok in the post but he doesn't demand a double.

If we can force the nets into a half court game then we'll destroy them. There low post defense is probably the worst in the eastern conference which is why they run teams out of the gym.

The Sixers will give us problems at times because they are just as athletic as we are and they better defense than us. Plus they come to play every night. If we can get Dalembert in foul trouble and keep AI out the paint then we can do some damage against them.

The atlantic is wide open this year as you said. Might be the most competitive division. Now it's time to show our true colors. It's put or shut up time with Isiah and Curry. Randolph has to be that force and the bench has to come to play. I think we might do some damage this year if we can stay healthy.