View Full Version : Barry Bonds

Aug 05, 2007, 18:46
congrats to him...I'm sick of all the random haters. I use to be a Barry Bonds hater, but I learned alot about fitness and conditioning. Its a shame America isn't giving this guy any love back for what he's doing. smh...America's past time really fell off.

Aug 08, 2007, 12:53
Yeah i don't care what anyone says. No one has hit 756 Home rruns in the history of the game. period. guys who did steroids cant hit 756 homeruns.

Aug 09, 2007, 15:12
That ball is worth 500,000 dollars. hmm not bad. It would probably be worth more if that steroid talk wasn't going around. I think that man finally deserves the HR record. A Rod is next.

Jan 10, 2008, 11:40
Bonds has always been one of my favorite players and I hope to see him playin next year.

Kennedy Curse
Jan 10, 2008, 21:59
man its not even funny how much people hate him....i got no beef wit him i was even watching the game when he hit it yo...so ye ahe aint bad but dam son if he did take roids man he one hell of a liar...still dow i dont knwo y the mlb making a big deal about roids...shyt i dont follow the mlb or steroids lolz but there going over board wit that shyt