View Full Version : Who will do better this year?

Aug 21, 2007, 03:30
I personally feel Oden. I don't think Portland will make the playoffs, but I think Oden will play better than Durant, and his team will be better. They have the talent, but to me they're too young...

Thoughts, anyone?

Aug 21, 2007, 08:35
Kevin Durant is more NBA ready. So I think he will have the better season this year. When time goes on 3 or 4 years from now I think Oden will be the best center in the league.

Sep 06, 2007, 15:49
I dont have as much faith in Oden as many do. So far he's come up with every reason to not play and the season hasnt even started yet. Maybe its circumstantial but for some reason I just dont think he has the killer instinct to ever be more than a really good role player. Based on what I've seen he looks like more of a Samuel Dalembert than an NBA all time Center. And thats not horrible either but not for a first selction. Overall though I think he'll help his team win more games than Durant. I think Durant will be a great individual player but I just cant see the sonics being good for a long time.

Sep 06, 2007, 20:07
Greg Oden is the real deal. Oden is going to come in the leage and be expected to play defence, Durant is going to be expected to score. They both had a bad summer leage with the speed of the game getting the best of them for now. Back to the question sorry, I think Oden will have more sucsess now and in the future with a better surrounding team and orginization. Durant is a scorer and thats it, Oden is a great defender and can use both hands around the basket to finish already as long as he bulks up a bit and keeps working on his craft he will become one of the best centers in the NBA.

Sep 06, 2007, 21:33
i pick durant just because he has the opportunity to succeed

Sep 10, 2007, 09:57
jeff green will have a better season than durant. durant's talent is too raw. reynaldo balkman took him apart in summer league. and demetrius nichols has a better jumpshot. i pick oden.

Sep 10, 2007, 11:08
The fans/media pay too much attention to offense, so Durant will get more recognition because his statistical improvement over the course of the season will be more obvious.

However, Oden is a much more valuable and rarer player. He will not have the immdiate success of say a Tim Duncan or Lebron James, but he has a chance to end up in the same ballpark as Bill Russell and Hakeem Alajouwon defensively, which is not even comparable to any player of the last decade.

Sep 13, 2007, 17:40
Well I guess we all know who will be having the better season now. KD!

Sep 14, 2007, 13:17
LOL...oden is DQ'd....durant wins hands down