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Dec 07, 2007, 02:30
Starks raving MaD: Do you hear that Knick fans?? (http://www.knicksonline.com/news.php/full/77.html)

by Richard Bertin

[IMG-LEFT]http://www.knicksonline.com/images/articles/dempsey-knicks-ad.jpg[/IMG-LEFT]On November 29th, the Celtics nearly destroyed the Knicks by 50 points. All the while, a TV Ad was out there challenging the Celtics to look up the word “formidable”. We’ve all seen the commercial. We’ve all had our laughs. But Jack Dempsey isn’t hiding. KnicksOnline.com tracked him down and got his side of the story and it turns out he’s just as angry over this season than anyone else. We interview Jack and discuss the sorry state of Knick commercials, the hot Blonde “BAM!” chick, and much more.
Do you hear that Boston?

How do you know when your team is a joke? Let’s walk through the checklist:

Your “Star” player selfishly bails out on his teammates? – Check.
The head coach lost his players? – The players voted not to have...Eh Lets just say Yup!
Do they have a bad record? – One of the worst in league!
Is there off the court drama? – Just a little sexual harassment trial, that’s all. Nothing you lose your job for.

Full story (http://www.knicksonline.com/news.php/full/77.html)

Dec 07, 2007, 12:25
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That's the commercial for those that might have missed it by some bizzare chance.

Dec 27, 2007, 12:38
Yea, formidable, as in formidably selfish and greedy, as in the year when Pat Ewing would not defer (not give up, defer) part of his salary in order to make room in the cap to allow the Knicks to bring in that one extra player along with him and Bernard King, which would have most likely helped the Knicks win a championship that year!! And why might you ask would Ewing do such a despicable thing??!! It was because he had a clause in his contract that stipulated that he be the highest paid player on the team.

Ahh yes, what a display of team spirit!

Yes folks, Ewing really was a dick, as well as an overpaid Choke Artist!