View Full Version : Who You Got This Season Other Than Knicks?

Kennedy Curse
Dec 07, 2007, 16:42
Well i have been watching the NBA lately and alot of teams have impressed me
-Golden State Warriors
*From there big upset on Dallas 2 a 0-6 start and Stephen Jackson returning making it 2 a respectable 10-8 record. With Baron Davis in my eyes one of the best PG in the league and a Isiah Thomas player Al Harrington and of course Stephen Jackson. Now this team can shoot the 3 pointer. First when i heard Stephen Jackson was the captain i was like wow y not Baron? I c y because this guy can BALL! I wouldn't mind seeing them win it all...and there fans are great as well.
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- New Orleans Hornets
*I got really nothing to say about them. They always had the talent and a Star PG in Chris Paul. They never got nowhere simply because well they just haven't had luck with health. Now there HEALTHY and ready 2 go i expect them 2 make some noise in the playoffs.
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-Boston Celtics
*I never was a fan of the green squad but hey the PGA tour really is helping them. I mean who would have imagined them doing so good as they are right now. They still haven't impressed me as much because they haven't played much of a challenge. Like the NEW YORK KNICKS! Hey i don't see them going that far in the playoffs. Wait change that I actually see them going TO THE FINALS! Hey if the Cavs can do it im sure the BETTER Celtics can to. I still see them losing to the west but hey they can do it.

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Well those are the only teams that have impressed me. Hopefully the Knicks can as well impress me. Well who are u guys interested on in the NBA

Dec 07, 2007, 19:47
I like Golden State, there one of the most exciting teams to watch. I was rootin for them last year in the playoffs, one of my favorite teams in the West.

New Orleans can make some noise in the playoffs, Chris Paul is one of the best pg's in the league.

The Celtics have done a good job of doin what there supposed to do. I look forward to watchin them play more teams from the west and the pistons.

Denver is a fun team to watch, they got Camby AI and Carmello.

Orlando might be the team to watch right now, Dwight Howard has had some big stat lines with 23 rebounds a couple times.

Dec 07, 2007, 20:39
Orlando - Dwight Howard is the 2nd best player in the NBA behind Garnett. If Dwight works on not getting stripped or forcing turnovers, and adds a jumpshot...he's very capable of averaging over 30 points per game and over 15 rebounds. Arroyo is a pass first PG who can defend and doesn't turn the ball over a lot. Magic just have a solid all around team. They need a banger though.

New Orleans - very underrated

Hawks - Joe Johnson is a superstar, Josh Smith is coming into All star mode, Al Horford is a future 20 and 10 player; posses amazing passing skills and defense ability. They just need a solid PG if they want to reach elite level. I say they should really trade for Kidd and just try to win it all right now. The East is wide open.

Dec 07, 2007, 20:57
word i forgot to mention the Hawks, one of my fav teams to watch. Josh Smith has crazy blocks every time he plays. Horford got game and so does Joe Johnson. They got some other young talent too, they gonna keep gettin better as the season goes on. Watch out for the Hawks.

Kennedy Curse
Dec 07, 2007, 23:49
oo yea Hawks...yea i see them being 5th or 4th seed? idk but yea Orlando idk man they started off hot last season 2 but messed up...but still i mean c mon Dwight is gettin trained by who? PATRICK EWING! omg man if he plays like patrcik Dwight is going to be my favorite player
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