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Mar 06, 2008, 07:20
Randolph Morris played 11 important minutes in the Knicks vs Cavs game and gave the team 7 points and 7 rebounds (2 offensive rebounds).

But what made Randolph Morris 11 minutes important was his Post Presence downlow gave his teammates a chance to get second shots and also grab offensive rebounds over Varegao & Ben.
The Knicks were in a tie game all game long untill the last 5 minutes of the game when the Knick Coach took Randolph Morris out of the Game and replaced him with Eddy Curry.
Which made all the Knick Players have to come and help Curry on the defensive-glass to get defensive-rebound which gave the Cavs open 3 point shots. The Knicks had great peremeter defense untill Curry entered the game and let the Cavs get offensive-rebounds and second shots.
:beer: Randolph Morris instead of Zach Randolph!!!

Mar 06, 2008, 07:57
5 star thread by Kiyaman, why doesnt Morris play more? Curry gives ZERO effort on defense, does not box out, and is overrated offensivley. I was impressed with Morris and Chandler, I hope they continue to get minutes. I feel bad for them, its unfair for them to have to collect dust on the bench while bums like Curry and Z-slow lose game after game providing us no interior defense.

Mar 08, 2008, 20:38
I'm saying!!!!!

Mar 09, 2008, 15:03
The Randolph Morris sitting this season has been approved to be Isiah Thomas way of getting a 1 to 5 first round Lottery Draft Pick.
Not playing Randolph Morris (DNP) in the game vs the young Portland Blazers when both Curry & Zach were out injured.

Portland is one of the better young teams in the league, and the Knicks young players happen to match up with the Portland team.
Not giving Collins, Balkman, and Morris any playingtime vs a young Portland Blazers should say something when Curry, Zach, Crawford, and Marbury are all out.

Last night game Fred Jones did nothing on offense or defense the entire 3rd and 4th quarters (standing still in the right corner on offense, let Webster run unguarded on defense by staying close to the paint on defense doing nothing.).
To be truthful Jefferies should've been playing all of his minutes at the SG rather than the PF.
Jared Jefferies has been coached all wrong for this team and is useless, he should be used on offense as a passing SG and a pressure defender of the passing lane on defense on SF or SG.
David Lee was used as the Knicks Center for 46 minutes of playingtime last night, like Randolph Morris have not convinced Coach Isiah, Herb, and Aquire that he is good for at least 24 minutes of playingtime the last three games defending players like "Ben Wallace, Varegao, Mcdyess, Rasheed, West, and Chandler".
Randolph Morris convinced me that he did not deserve a "DNP" vs a young team like Portland.

The reason why you dont see any ball movement in the Knicks offense is the Head Coach for the last two seasons has not made a playbook where the ball goes through 6, 5, 4, or 3-players hands before being shot, because of the Head Coach trying to please SELFISH Losing Players Egos by letting them shoot with two or three defenders on them. The selfish shoot-first players started with Marbury, then Crawford, then Curry, then Q.Rich, and this season the NBA TOP number one selfish shoot-first Player Zach Randolph was traded to a team that plays Zach Randolph kind of Game..... And Last Night we seen how 3 seasons with selfish shoot-first players rubbed off on Nate Robinson, when teammates was giving him high Fives when he scored 35 points and the assistant coach Herb Williams was feeding Nate Ego to score more rather than tell Nate that Portland is starting to double and tripple you so tell "Lee & Jones" to stay close to you on movement and expect a pass when you see they are doubling you.

Not letting Balkman or Chandler play the SG position with PG-Nate on offense and have them (Balkman & Chandler) switch to PF or SF on defense to defend against "Aldridge or Roy" (Future Stars), which showed that Coach Isiah Thomas had no intentions on Winning the game or trying to improve the talent of "Balkman & Chandler" the young players on this Knick Team (When switching defense lineups at crunchtime and in overtime PG-Mardy Collins was the best defensive substitute for Nate Robinson. Blake scored at will on Jones & Jefferies.).

The Knicks organization is playing "LOTTERY" B-Ball for the remainder of this 2007-8 season to get a young Star out of the draft for next season.
Recall the Knicks may not have their 2009 or 2010 first round pick.
The only thing Bad about getting another young Star added to this Knick team is the Knicks coaching-staff dont know what to do with the Young Stars they have now.
This showed in the Knicks vs Portland Game that went to overtime for a Portland WIN in MSG. That was all the proof a Knick Fan needed...