View Full Version : Great start

NYK Man8
Jan 02, 2003, 06:18
knicks 95 - raps 75!!! :peace:

Jan 02, 2003, 08:55
yup, remember last year, our biggest loss streak was 8, just as toronto has 2day
our first win after those 8 loss was against toronto
if i think better, the last time tghe raptors defeated us was in the 2001 playoffs :(

Jan 03, 2003, 05:46
sure i remember :)
anyway nice win! we are much better than toronto, and way much better than cleveland, denver or memphis
just imagine if dice would have been healthy!
MAN, i just love to see them win, too bad that we are playing against indiana tonight :(

Jan 03, 2003, 10:28
the both teams are doing well, the pacers won their last 4 games, and i think they have the first chance
i say we lose by 7