View Full Version : Jared Jeffries: What He Means to the Knicks.

Nov 18, 2008, 00:38
Since Jeffries went out with that injury we haven't heard a lot about him. But I'm Sure that everyone on here hasn't forgot about him. I think he means a lot to the knicks, he's another big on our team, and we don't have a lot of those, he plays great defense, and he usually plays pretty physical. Lee are chandler are very similiar but we can definitely use him back soon. I know Mikey D is a fan of his, he stated so during training camp. We know he fits in the new system and i was just wondering what everyone else thinks about JJ?

Nov 18, 2008, 04:43
I ain't gonna lie... I almost completely forgot he was on the squad...

Nov 18, 2008, 07:25

Nov 18, 2008, 10:52
Jared has always been one of my favorites, as a basketball coach and a fan: he sets screens, is a strong help defender, when the defense is penetrated, and boxes out consistently. In short, he is a momentum player, whose numbers belie what he can actually do.

I think, ideally, you start him alongside Zach, with Chandler at the SF and Q and DLee off the bench.

Nov 18, 2008, 10:58
^ i wish but Q-Rich will start...D'Antoni gotta thing for him ... i would like that line-up Jeffies will have a career year in this system he has the style for it and he'll provide us a little bit of defense...and he'll play good offensivly since this is a run-and-gun and thats his style..he's not a half-court guy

Nov 18, 2008, 12:18
He was a good player when he was in Washington...

Problem was the Isiah always played him at the 3 as a shooter when he is more of a post up guy.

He was Mr. Basketball in Indiana and it wasn't for being a shooter...

Nov 18, 2008, 12:39
nice video reference Feetoe... no words needed, but...

you could also put up the video where Beno Udrih crossed Kobe Bryant very badly in preseason and that don't mean Kobe is a bad defender.

We haven't seen Jeffries play in this offense to see if D'Antoni is right that he will standout in the middle.

I think Jeffries will have his best season yet when he comes back and provide some nice defense. But, until we see him, we just don't know. Which also means no one can argue that he's gonna suck until he proves it.

Nov 19, 2008, 13:15
hate to say it but we need the guy right now....we need defense from a big man and a guy who can rebound off the bench if Lee or Zach is sitting.

Plus if Mike D loves the guy then it means he plays good in the system...better than expected.

Nov 19, 2008, 13:20
defensively hes better then lee and randolph

Nov 19, 2008, 15:56
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Nov 19, 2008, 17:40
Jared Jeffries is yet to impress, since coming to New York. However, D'Antoni said he saw something in Jeffries. Maybe he's actually good; I don't know. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt, since he hasn't played yet.

Nov 19, 2008, 17:55
^ its hard for anyone to be good under Thomas he's a good player but he was in the wrong system,whatever Ishias system was called didnt fit him he'll be just fine under D'Antoni .... unless your fat and you like Mickey D's and your name is Curry you wont be decent under Isiah

Nov 20, 2008, 07:33
What more can you expect from a D level player? Does Jefferies have to play some games again to remind you how terrible he is?

Nov 20, 2008, 09:18
I think we can expect more from Jefferies in D'Antoni's system than we got from him under Isiah. He will not "bang" with anyone but his length and quickness will "annoy" the likes of Garnett or Nowitzki

Nov 20, 2008, 09:34
Larry Brown wasn't a good fit with anyone here......

so all the players looked bad and he brought Stevie Francis to Fook it up more....

then Isiah created a circus., and Herb is an asst. coach at best....

everyone has looked better under mikey D .....cause the system fits the Knicks personel.....something management failed to recognize when hiriing brown and thomas....

marbury would be better in the system too...and jefferies will be better as well.,

this system shows everyone's talents and weaknesses.....

about the only player hurt by all this is Eddy Curry., and if he was in Great shape he could play ok in this system as well....




Nov 20, 2008, 16:14
Jared Jeffries is horrible...i was at a game last year were is was running up the floor missing lay ins...hes better than malik though...dont even get me started