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Jan 28, 2009, 16:39
[13:24] imapackersfan202: fuk u
[13:24] imapackersfan202: this is ogknicks fan
[13:24] imapackersfan202: your a ****in joke
[13:24] DaTruth188: **** is a OGknicks fan, what are u like 50 years old
[13:24] imapackersfan202: stfu
[13:24] imapackersfan202: im smarter than an ass like you
[13:25] imapackersfan202: go get a life and post like a man
[13:25] DaTruth188: why u mad?
[13:25] imapackersfan202: cuz you a bull**** poster
[13:25] imapackersfan202: who sides with *******s like metro
[13:25] imapackersfan202: you deserve to get blasted
[13:25] DaTruth188: lmaoo
[13:25] DaTruth188: i dont side wit metro
[13:25] DaTruth188: are u sure u got the right SN dumbass
[13:26] imapackersfan202: im quite sure
[13:26] imapackersfan202: your da truth
[13:26] imapackersfan202: a pathetic poster
[13:26] imapackersfan202: with absolutely no knowledge
[13:26] DaTruth188: go find me a post where i sided wit metro dumbass
[13:26] imapackersfan202: your a fake
[13:27] imapackersfan202: your prob metro himself
[13:27] DaTruth188: u a dumbass forreal
[13:27] DaTruth188: lmao
[13:27] imapackersfan202: im a fukin history teacher with a degree
[13:27] DaTruth188: im still waitin on u to find me a post where i sided wit metro
[13:27] imapackersfan202: what you got on that?
[13:27] imapackersfan202: ****
[13:27] imapackersfan202: your metro
[13:27] imapackersfan202: im convinced
[13:28] DaTruth188: damn u got a degree in teaching
[13:28] DaTruth188: no wonder u mad
[13:28] DaTruth188: lmao
[13:28] imapackersfan202: no comment bitch
[13:28] imapackersfan202: go get a life
[13:28] imapackersfan202: and stopposting on k.o as one person
[13:28] DaTruth188: u want to get a life when u IM me as soon i sign on?
[13:28] DaTruth188: u stalkin bitch
[13:28] imapackersfan202: u a fag metro
[13:28] DaTruth188: im not metro moron
[13:29] DaTruth188: hence the usernames i use on knicksonline and on aim
[13:29] DaTruth188: notice how they are the same
[13:29] imapackersfan202: fuk u metro
[13:29] imapackersfan202: ur a mexiacan skank
[13:29] DaTruth188: metro ****ed ur mom or some shyt?
[13:29] imapackersfan202: get a life
[13:29] DaTruth188: u mad
[13:29] imapackersfan202: u trippin my balls bitch
[13:29] DaTruth188: dat dont even make sense
[13:30] DaTruth188: u need to go back to skool
[13:30] imapackersfan202: do you even know what school means?
[13:30] DaTruth188: im in school right now dumbass
[13:30] imapackersfan202: yea right
[13:30] imapackersfan202: a fukin 3 year old
[13:31] imapackersfan202: thats wahta you are
[13:31] imapackersfan202: show some respect bro
[13:31] imapackersfan202: you nothing
[13:31] DaTruth188: u a clown
[13:31] imapackersfan202: your a disgrace to that site
[13:31] imapackersfan202: you make jpz look good
[13:31] DaTruth188: u a clown
[13:31] imapackersfan202: u prob are jpz and metro
[13:31] imapackersfan202: how pathetic
[13:31] imapackersfan202: im outta here, i dont talk to fukin bitches
[13:31] DaTruth188: so since u got a degree in teaching, shouldnt u be teaching?
[13:32] imapackersfan202: snow day you butt
[13:32] DaTruth188: where u at?
[13:32] imapackersfan202: your a ****ing stalker
[13:32] imapackersfan202: ogknicksfan out
[13:33] DaTruth188: im a stalker and u Im'ed me?
[13:33] DaTruth188: u a clown
[13:33] DaTruth188: and **** brett favre

looks like u got a fan, lmfaoooo

I don't think its you though.

You're ignorant
But not that stupid to blow up your own self like that.

Jan 28, 2009, 21:20
OG got killed if this is a real IM convo.

Jan 28, 2009, 22:06
im guessing its real but yea datruth murdered whoever that was.

Jan 28, 2009, 22:09
im guessing its real but yea datruth murdered whoever that was.

it was OGknickfool

and yea after reading the other thread that JPZ had with him having an IM convo with OG...its sounds like the same arrogant guy blasting people for no reason.

Jan 29, 2009, 15:27
metro id watch ur back lol, i think og, or whoeva tht is, has dreams about u or somethin

Jan 29, 2009, 18:40
You guys should consider spending a little less time online lol.

Jan 30, 2009, 08:30
Who uses Instant messengers?

Jan 30, 2009, 15:28
Read my posts, and then read this misspelled, cliche ****. Obviously, it's not me. Plus, I don't even know how to instant message on KO. I also use the nickname OGknickfan, not "OGknicksfan," which is what people on here call me, mistakenly. Oh, and I don't have any problems with datruth, who I've actually given props to on numerous occasions for his posts.

Jan 30, 2009, 16:40
good point the im showed ogknicks fan and he uses OGKinckFan on the site couldnt have been him.

Jan 30, 2009, 16:56
if it wasnt og then who was it? :/

Jan 31, 2009, 06:07
I know a guy on this forum who started impersonating other posters (metro, thekidd..), wouldn't be surprised if it was the same one.