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Mar 13, 2009, 15:52

D'Antoni notes that Duhon is hurting really badly. I wouldn't be shocked if the Knicks look like they are going to have to pull a miracle to make the playoffs, that the team would shut Duhon down for the year. D'Antoni seems VERY concerned with Duhon's injury, and it's opening up a spot for Nate.

Hope Duhon's okay, but right now he's looking very hurt. I'd say even at this point shut him down for the year, sign a backup PG from the D-League or something, and just let Duhon rest. While he won't be a Knick much longer, no need to get this guy hurt for the rest of his career and life, especially when with or without him we won't be title contenders.

Mar 13, 2009, 15:57
Ok nate... You got a shot.. Lets see some consistency

Mar 13, 2009, 23:59
His dimes have been up! Probably even more important than his scoring from here on in. He's getting in that lane at will too.... I was a doubter before the All Star break when his shot was woeful & his assists were down... He's turned it up since & I wish him all the best naturally.


Mar 14, 2009, 03:49
The cool thing about 'the D'Antoni system' is the emphasis on ball movement. If properly executed you don't need a traditional pg on the floor at all times. This explains our wins hugely due to Nate's explosiveness (and Larry Hughes). I think it's risky to start Nate. He's had a couple of good games but let's not get carried away. He can be streaky.

Mar 14, 2009, 09:10
Nate is a career 6th man off the bench for 30 mpg....he bring an energy off the bench each game that every winning team needs.
Oponents have to expect the unexpected when it comes to Nate being on the court.
Nate is a pure combo-guard that LUV to show his explosiveness in his switch from SG to PG back to SG within 30 second on the court.
This is something Nate learned his first 3 years in the NBA having to backing-up Marbury than Crawful who are really SG which every Knick coach let lead the point for the Knicks based on their high contract (for a 23 or 33 win season).

As for Duhon....I did not expect the aggresive team-chemistry he added to this Knick team this season....little been said but Duhon plain performance at the point is what the Knicks been needing since they traded PG-Chris Childs to Toronto. Spreee & Houston took it to the next level with PG-Childs and Ward aggressiveness leading the point (FINALS).

Larry Hughes is a 18 to 28 mpg SG inwhich u do not want leading the point on offense (his passing-skillz is another Q.Rich or Jefferies at the SG)....his limited team-chemistry with teammates u give very limited minutes to in the 2nd half of any game.
Hughes is not the player u let freelance or give the greenlight to in crunchtime which should explain the type of performance u will get from him.

Mar 14, 2009, 10:12
Granted I watched this game at a crowded bar, so couldn't pay a ton of attention, but by the end of the game Nate looked like he was dragging really bad. What I do like about Nate's line last night though were his free throw attempts.

There's something to be said, not only for hitting 14 free throw attempts but in getting 17 free throw attempts. You look at most games in the NBA, before the fouling every 5 seconds starts in the last minute or so, the difference is often in free throws. Having a guy that gets to the line is so valuable, but even more valuable is a guy that hits his free throws. One of the most underreported stories of the past few years was the Dallas Mavericks being the only team with a free throw coach, as a result they had the best free throw percentage by a wide margin. Games can very easily be won or lost at the free throw stripe, just look at last year's national championship game where Memphis blew the game at the free throw line.

Point is, having a guy that not only hits attempts but takes attempts has a positive impact on the team, a lot more than I'd venture to guess some people realize. Go ahead, look at any game, I bet the difference in free throw attempts taken and made significantly impacts the game, that if the losing team hit just at the same percentage and got to the line as much as the winning team (even without the final minute foul-fest), the game would have a different outcome.