View Full Version : Knicks Underrated Young Core Is A Positive.

Jun 28, 2010, 18:03
After reading a couple of articles about how hard TD, Chandler and Walker are working over the summer I think that our Underrated Young core is a huge positive going into Next season.

Not many will expect Much from our core Since majority think that they are a bunch of mediocre players. But on the other hand Noah, Rose, Lopez, Harris, Beasley, Griffin Gordon all these Young piece that would attract the FA to certain teams are going to have to live up to expectation. Now Clipper, Nets and Bulls all have new Coaches so that means they have to play with in the new system and sometimes that can effect a player game and cause a set back to how they played the year before. But our young core Know what Mike D expect out of them So they don't have to worry about System changes.

I'm certain when BSPN think about the Knicks Roster they think about Marbury Duhon Al Harrington and Curry. That's why they joke about our roster when it comes to comparing them to other teams. Nets only won 12 games last year but they keep talking about their nice young pieces. We won 29 games with less Young talented pieces and with Duhon running the Point.

Just some Positives To look forward to going into July 1

Jun 28, 2010, 18:24
I've been itching to hear something about our own players working out... any chance of getting a link to these articles?

Jun 28, 2010, 19:54
^^^^ That video gives me hope for next year.

As much as I hate Joe Johnson if we were able to keep Lee and add
Joe Johnson

I think our team would be really good.

We wont win the Championship but we would have a good young core that could grow together.

That being


Jun 28, 2010, 21:48
Yeah, I'd like to see those articles too. I hope our four current players - or five including Walker - on the roster don't get discouraged by all the free agent talks. Hopefully they realize that if we are going to become a playoff contender, they are necessary pieces.

Jun 28, 2010, 22:53
This is all i could find for now...:smokin:


Jun 29, 2010, 07:07
I think there is hope. If we give credit to Walsh for anything it should be that he came up with Gallo-Walker-Douglas. He was here for 2 drafts/offseasons heading into this year's free agency and he did what was necessary:

He cleared payroll while finding a few young players to build around.

Sure, we might argue that passing on Jennings could end up costing NY a shot at Lebron. I mean, if Brandon Jennings was a Knick, and played the way he did, we would have BJ (equal to Rose) PLUS Gallo. Almost like all things are equal, no?

BUT, we could also point the finger at D'antoni, b/c maybe Douglas could have played more to showcase what he can do?

HOWEVER, since we did find a PG in last year's draft, I think we can give a pass to Walsh. After all, it took HIll to clear Jeffries cap space, and that might be what gets the job done this Summer (ability to sign 2 max contracts).

Then again, if we swing and miss this Summer, then the Hill deal looks terrible.

That's the way it is for managers.

ANYWAY, what pisses me off.... everyone is saying NY has little chance to land Lebron.... and now that idiot Broussard declares that if Lebron comes to NY then we have to question his wanting to win! WHAT?

Say what you will about our young core, but if he comes to NY with Bosh.... how does that translate into him not really putting winning ahead of all things?

Like why is Noah all of a sudden a HOF player?