View Full Version : FINALLY, Our Future is Here - Our Day is Upon us!

Jun 30, 2010, 08:25
Obviously, the plan is as follows:

Phase-1. While Dodgers-Giants game heads into the 7th inning, Joe Johnson hears his doorbell ring tonight. We seek verbal pact so we can bring it to Lebron.

Phase-2. We stop by and check-in with Amar'e (although I prefer Bosh or Lee).

Phase-3. Sometime tomorrow we meet with Lebron.

Johnson-Lebron-PF (Amar'e-Lee-Bosh) all take less-than-max money, recoup it in bonuses and offcourt deals.

These 3 with our young guns, and draft picks, and a MLE type signing (Ridnour or something) and away we go.

BUT... if this plan fails.... We shift gears:

Personally, I would be against offering max contracts to both Johnson and Amar'e. If it were me, I would sign Joe Johnson.... and use the rest of the money to grab a PG and other bodies:

I would target Luke Ridnour, Steve Blake and Jordan Farmar.

Then I would sign a big body (Amir Johnson, Ryan Gomes, Joshn Powell, Johan Petro) and bring back Earl Barron.

Resign David Lee.

Shoot for John Salmons or Travis Outlaw.

Trade Chandler and Curry for Al Jefferson (or for something if possible).

Luke Ridnour/Douglas
Joe Johnson/Walker/Rautins
David Lee
Amir Johnson/Barron (Curry or Jefferson as well)

I would prefer this roster to simply signing Amar'e and Johnson.

Jun 30, 2010, 08:33
you are thinking too low boy