View Full Version : Thank God It All Ends Tonight!!!!

Jul 08, 2010, 09:00
Since July 1st, we all have been forced to listen and watch to the biggest circus ever in sports history. What we have all witnessed over the passed week or so is everything that is wrong with Sports. Reguardless of where "The King", soon to be called "The Queen" (if he joins Miami) ends up, this is just embarassing. The fact that a single person in sports can make grown men grovel at his feet, beg him to come play for their team is ashame. I think Mike on WFAN said it best. I would have respected the Knicks organization so much if they came out and said.... "Hey Lebron, if you think you are good enough to come play the Knicks, u come see us, we aren't coming to you."

You know at this point, it honestly wouldn't shock me if he goes to Miami. Lebron has been so conceded and egotistic through this whole process that it is sickening. Sure the Media made it worse with all this stupid coverage, but he def was enjoying it that's for sure. I mean a one hour special to announce where you are going? Really!!! Uhhh, shoot me. You know I could have lived with him staying in Cleveland, but Miami!!!!! Lebron said he wanted to bring back the NBA like the old days. Hope he realizes going to Miami would kill it, not bring it back. Anyways guys and girls, this is my last post until we find out where he is going. I can't take the drama anymore, its sickening. I really don't want to hear any more sources, rumors or speculation. I'm turning off my radio today, and turning off my tv until 9 p.m... Have a great day everyone, and i hope that when I come back on these forums later tonight, that it will be to celebrate LJ coming to the Knicks! Let's just pray this is all a smokescreen!

Jul 08, 2010, 09:05
Im just glad i can turn on sports center again and not see his face.

Jul 08, 2010, 09:06
I hope Major League Baseball doesn't cater to his majesty and have a couple of Yankees Marlins interleague games next season and beyond.