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malik singletary
Jul 26, 2010, 22:48
Looking at our roster not only are we good for now but i feel we can be a potential dynasty with our current CORE and with a few quality draft picks.

Randolph is in my opinion going to blossom because don nelson is a scientist,he experiments to much and i know this kid is going to be great.He is one of those players that i just cant see being a bust.he plays with heart and is tough.also he LOVES highlights on both ends of floor which may lead to draw backs but can be extremely entertaining.He says he has improved his shot by 1000x,if so he is now multi-talented already.i have always seen him as a camby mixed with durantish type player, its hard to really compare him but the best scenario is a lamar odom that reached his full potential.This guy is fun enough to become an international star,he can get a sneaker that will sell since his hops are crazy and people only buy sneakers from a player with hops hence lebron,kobe,hardaway,durant, and most of all jordan's.i see him putting up 18,7, and 2 blocks ATLEAST.stamp mega star on this guy if he blossoms.

Gallo could be THE franchise and can become a multi talented nightmare.maybe a slimmer dirk nowitzki with decent-good ball handling and better 3pt shooting,because think of it like this,dirk is a average rebounder and so is gallo and gallo can improve on that much more.Nowitzki has an automatic mid range shot,Gallo will never be as good of a midrange shooter as witz but can be great from their.gallo in his prime can score 25 a game,and is showing signs of having a "CLUTCH" gene but like i said he has the potential.now dirk is a little far fetched but Gallo can truly score as efficiently if he leaves the 3's alone.i feel he depends on it and if he follows the michael jordans midrange approach,can be a much more efficient player and not become a volume scorer like the kobe's and durant's of the league.He can have huge jersey sells and is a fan favorite,tough and loves to step up to the challenge.this kid isn't soft and he plays like HE IS THE MAN.

Raymond felton is a person who people underrate extremely but this guy is one of the most solid players in the league,he gets the job done and doesn't do anything outside what he can do.i feel he should be apart of this team in the long run because in larry browns 24 seconds or less offense,if you didn't score off the designed play then oh well.in dantoni's offense its all about scoring anyway possible and obviously if you watched UNC games he knows how to do that.off the court he is a well spoken and humble man and seems highly intelligent.I feel he can become a CHAMPIONSHIP point guard but maybe not a perennial all star.

MOZGOV is great,i've seen at'least 7 videos on him and he is very athletic for his size,i would love him to start for us because he is a great shot blocker,rebounder and finisher around the rim,may take him a few years to develop post play but he is def a good fit for stoudemire in the front court.at best he will be a 15 point 8 rebound 2 block guy but may breakout.

Wilson chandler is a very athletic guy but he needs to be more aggressive with a more consistent jumper and bam you have a top 10 small forward.wilson was projected to be an all star this year but failed to meet that height.he has all the physical tools but is questioned about his heart and toughness.if he checks those and becomes a respectable jump shooter than he will be a star in this league.Also needs some better ball handling but that will come eventually,his defense is shut down and can be a lock up city type defender like artest in 04.he can really be great but like bill walker its up to him.

Stoudemire is our ROCK nuff said

Toney douglass/Bill walker are big ? to me but they both can be great scorers for us off the bench and maybe be assets for some draft picks,don't see a longtime future for them on this team.

But i feel our team has a great core that if we keep them together and add quality pieces threw the draft and free agency can become a dynasty.and their are only 2-3 dynasty a decade,that's how great this team can be.by 2013 the knicks will be contenders in the east while being 2-3 seeds,and winning 55+ games a year for 10 years.In that span 4 eastern conference finals visits and 1 championship if we strive.chris paul is done and is gone but what we have are diamonds in the rough.What team do you know has 3 potential all stars? Only a select few.NYK WE BACK!

Jul 26, 2010, 22:58
+1 to this post. but we'll just have to see in the fall


Jul 26, 2010, 23:01
now thats a ****in post! i agree with everything you mentioned. Im all for giving Felton a shot to run the point i think he'll excel beyond anyones expectations and become a nelson type PG putting up 17 and 8. he's that good i watched him in UNC and this current system D'ant plays is similar to it. and he has a legitimate low post threat in STAT. plus gallo to take even more pressure off. i think this team will surprise a lot of people by winning close to 50. Let's go NYK we back baby.

Jul 26, 2010, 23:13
Raymond Felton reminds me a lot of Derek Harper. I'm not looking for similarities in their games but more on similarities in their demeanor. They're both very confident which equates to mental toughness, which then translates to courtleadership. And they both handle their business professionally.

Jul 27, 2010, 01:40
And Derek Harper made everyone around him confident and relaxed (except John Starks against Houston)...

Jul 27, 2010, 02:48
Agree 101% with Malik !!

Jul 27, 2010, 09:08
There are many "X-Factors" with this team. If they all become who they're capable of, then I agree, this squad can be special. Although I still think we need a legit starting SG.

If Gallo and Randolph become All-Stars, as many people in the NBA see the potential in them to be All-Stars, then this team is VERY special.

I honestly don't see this Russian guy as anything we should get our hopes up for. He probably won't see any minutes this year, except garbage time.

We'll see. It's up to those guys to put the work in to become special. I have hope but I'm a little "gun-shy". I don't want to get my hopes up too high only to be let down. It's happened too many times. Sometimes it is still hard for me to believe that this franchise isn't cursed in some way.