View Full Version : Ewing Jr., Shawne Williams, or Neither?

Oct 24, 2010, 14:23
Anyone has any knowledge or idea, as to who the knicks are keeping or are they gonna just brush both of them off?

I personally would go for Ewing Jr., not for skillwise, but outta respect for the big man. But skillwise, I think he definitely would fit D'antoni's style much better.

Oct 24, 2010, 16:14
Honestly as much as I'd like PE Jr. to catch on to the team I think we should just drop them both ( PE Jr. and Shawne Williams ) and either go find some size as back-up to our foul prone C Moz ( ie. Earl Barron ) or scour the D leage for a 3pt specialist SG or PG to finish off the bench since it dosen't seem that Roger Mason or Andy Routins are really holding their own so far.

Oct 24, 2010, 16:26
Why waste their time. Neither, they need to be somewhere where they get playing time to improve, especially Ewing Jr. because of his youth.