View Full Version : Calm down folks Melo isnt heading to jersey...atleast for now.

malik singletary
Jan 10, 2011, 22:03

This is why you guys shouldnt believe espn, it is a big hype machine that uses the fans imaginations and turns it against us but anyways by now you guys know melo is "ON THE MOVE" to NJ but this is not true,believe it or not but there are reports thats the deal has know fell through and may have to be re-designed by feb 24 trade deadline, now im not saying when you guys wake up he isnt in a new city with a new team but this deal is not as FINAL as reports are saying it is,Melo for one would need to sign extension which we all know him in NJ is not a great move financially,Branding and for his reputation,he will be leaving a contender for a 6-8 seed team yearly.But this deal isnt close it is merely talks on water for the simple fact that to many blow up options are in this deal and these teams will have to walk a fine line to get this done.

Blow up options:

billups agent says if he is traded to nets he is asking for a buyout-This could potentially destroy this deal right now

Melo extension is not finalized even if he gets traded, melo is essentially going to be a rental for half a year.Melo has untill feb 24 to get options from other teams because thats the smartest choice at this moment which is to wait and let the heat come on denver to get him where he wants.Because bottom line melo has 90% CONTROL over this whole thing.He waits untill feb 24th and make denver trade him before he walks out in FA,or he waits untill FA and go where he wants depending on the CBA.

Bottom line:If melo goes to the nets it will be one of the most dumbest moves by a marquee player maybe in the past decade.In this deal the only 2 players who arent going to be touched for sure are kris humphries and jordan farmar.Okay get your laugh for a second...yea so basically NJ would deplete their team for billups who doesnt want to go there and rip hamilton who is still good but not anywhere near what he used to be.All and all denver and NJ are getting very nervous and desperate, and this is just what new york has been hoping for and maybe even melo.

Jan 10, 2011, 23:23
As usual I've been saying this for the longest.

War Eagle:cool:

Jan 11, 2011, 02:03
STAT has to be talking to Melo but keeping quiet....You have to believe Melo wants here and so does CP3

Jan 11, 2011, 03:57
Denver warned New Jersey "if their trade talks dont become more private they will send Melo to New York".
Lmao @ that