i don't wanna rush it but the season for the knicks is finished
we don't need to start hoping that maybe maybe we will make the playoffs, the games are 2 tough. it was an interesting season, i could say better than the last one. so what are we gonna do now?
i say we (you) will continue to see the knicks on tv or live who has the possibilities and thank it wasn't worse
we won some great games, vs kings, raptors, hornets, lakers, cavs and we lost the same beautifull games that could be won. but this is life, it goes on, a new season begins no sooner than november, but before that, there's the nba draft. that should be quite interesting for us, since we have good chancess to get a player that will bring us back in the play-offs[*]
next, we're gonna do some predictions on the following games, 23 more