Firstly even though Iv low post count im not spanking new because of the Melo deal. Joined in early Dec but just have not had much to contribute so far as teh rules of trades and such is a bit out off my knowledge TBH.

Im from Scotland so basketball is not really big here and we get about 1-2 games a week on tv and they are almost always around 3-4 in the morning which is a pain when I need to work. i do however love basketball. Always have and always will. I play for my local team and even though im getting older I still have some skill.

I grew up during the Ewing / Starks team and have followed the knicks throughout as I have some connection to NY. I have never been but now I can afford it Im saving and aiming to come over next October and what Im dying to do is go to the Garden.

Anyways my rambling thread does have a point. Im looking for you guys to let me know what the atmosphere is liek at Knicks games. How pumped are the crowd. What time do people get to the arena before games. How friendly is it. Just the whole schibang.

Being someone who can only see games online or on TV I dont get to feel the buzz off the arena and you guys are my link too just how great this sport & the Knicks are.

Any insights or stories or just general info would be much appreciated