It's an interesting thing for me. I considered myself loyal but other than the Knicks where it just feels 100% right regardless of win lose or draw, I support the other teams just for the area.

I'm an Islanders fan and happy to be so but I also pull for the Rangers so that's a diluted support, I'm happy with it though.

In Football (or what you call Football at least) I'm a Jets fan, at least I say I am but I'm really not feeling this Jets team at all. I like the rivalry with Miami (can't stand them in any sport) but not so much with New England other than Belicheat. The way we handled the Edwards situation meant I didn't really support the team for the rest of the year the way I would have and I find myself detached from the team I loved up to 2005. We're a better team now sure, but I identified with that team.

Baseball is another strange one. I'm a Mets fan but my only real true love (I love the Knicks but it's not even close) is Liverpool Football Club and for this reason I also support the Boston Red Sox as their owners basically saved my club, something I will never forget.

So two teams in Hockey, two teams in Baseball and no real love for my Football team regardless of how good they are.

Do I look for a new team in Football? Maybe.

There's only 2 teams that have my complete undivided support and those two teams are the New York Knicks and the team that come before all others, Liverpool Football Club.

What about you? Do you completely follow every team you support or do you casually follow other teams/sports?