I've seen your type before. You're cold, calculated and you like to come off as interesting but you're not, not even slightly. Sure for a week maybe two we cared who you were or what you were about but then you opened your mouth, signaled your hilarious intentions and now what? You got NOTHIN.

Congrats on duping a few weak minded fools on here that you played us in the Melo trade, you played yourself. The Nuggets were being polite when they said it was professional, behind closed doors they're laughing at you just like the rest of us.

You really spent all that time and effort to get us to part with one more player than we would have? You really think it was worth coming back into the talks to make yourself and your team look weak and pathetic so we lost Mozgof? It wasn't, I'm glad you think it was though, it merely confirms what I already know.

This isn't "soccer" you can't just come into the league and buy up whoever and whatever takes your fancy, your money means little to nothing here. So keep trying to sit down and get stars to NJ with absolutely nothing to offer them and the bright lights over your shoulder. I mean there is NO ONE that is craving NJ and there's not one player in your team that wishes he wasn't somewhere else. You arn't a big market team and you're not even that quiet small market team that other players sometimes crave.

You're perfect for NJ, ideas above your station but nothing to back it up.

Oh and don't mistake this for some sort of reaction to you getting under our skin because it really isn't it's just the cold hard truth.

You want to know the best part? Even if you ever did manage to win a championship you'd still be nothing, sure you'd be someone for a day, like a Big Brother contestant that got a bit of print but no one would care really other than the shock and then you'd go right back to the obscurity you came from.

I could pull for the little guy, I could want the rivalry even, I could respect the attempt, but you're just a horrible, unacceptable and not wanted disease in the NBA.

You have achieved one thing though, you've taken the worst place to be in the NBA post Kidd and you've made it even less desirable. Kudos.