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    Question Mark Charles Barkley & Kenny Smith Partake In The Feud - DEFENSE

    Look for Top 5 Of Inside The NBA Pt. 3 in the TNT OT category.

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    Barkley slanders D'Antoni and the Knicks' defensive approach and says - "they won't win a round in the playoffs".

    Let's get the debate underway:

    Can the imbalance of offence outweighing defence be ultimately successful?
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    Yes, we can win a round, but after the performance against the Cavs, if we don't defend and rebound, we're gonna have to shoot everything under the sun.

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    Originally Posted by RunningJumper
    Yes, we can win a round, but after the performance against the Cavs, if we don't defend and rebound, we're gonna have to shoot everything under the sun.
    I was watching this on thursday during inside the NBA. And I thought to myself **** Charles Barkley he's just a knick hater anyway. But damn we sure made him look like a genius tonight. We've got to play better D than we did tonight and vs the Bucks.. We gave up 108 and 115 respectively to terrible offenses.. We couldn't stop them at all..
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    We have 2 Superstars now....time to get a decent coach!

    D'Antoni doesn't have a clue on defense. I'm pissed because of all the easy games we lost this season simply because of no defense and no rebounding.

    You have Shelden Williams on the bench, get outrebounded all night and don't play him....yeah right. Let's continue this 'Shawne Williams at center BS'.

    D'Antoni has to go if we want to be a true contender simple as that. Even the addition of Chris Paul wouldn't turn us into a championship team under this coach.

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    D'Antoni guaranteed me that the team will average 146ppg in every playoff game, shoot 35 3s and make 60% of them, we don't need to play defense.

    Walsh got a wakeup call last night, first big in either Murphy or Pryzbilla that gets his buyout, sign ASAP or get Barron as plan B and bring in Jeffries. Also clean out some of that dead wood like Mason and Carter to make room.
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    charles barkley talks too much. what has he ever won?

    I think we can win in the first round but to go any further we need to add some size and rebounding. If we do not add that to our arsenal then maybe we squeeze through on individual monster performances from melo, stat and billups.
    Will we ever win a championship again? Id like to think so!

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