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    Originally Posted by Toons
    with the right players, we will win a ring. You cant deny that with a centre we would have smashed the magic. Our only competition in the east would be boston if we get Deandre jordan/marc gasol type pleyer.
    Disagree with this. We lost because of an inability to defend the pick and roll... not because of Dwight...

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    Originally Posted by TR1LL10N
    Case is not closed since i rather have a coach be exceptional at one aspect and subpar but adequate on another than slightly above average on both offense and defense. Case will be closed when D'ant wins a title or retires without one.
    I want a coach that excels in both... But, every team that is a contender knows how to score points, but plays great defense.

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    Originally Posted by Red
    Maybe you need specifics. Don't you understand every single coach probably covers defense one way or another? I'm sure you do because you said of course D'Ant cares about defense etc... most coaches preach, talk, draw up, go over etc...

    But you have not extrapolated the actual point:

    Riiiiight. You just spent the last 2 months making the distinction between preaching and coaching defense and then I post a video proving he does coach defense and you slyly morph the point into one about effectiveness.

    That you have yet to understand whatever approach MDA uses it hasn't translated into results and positive impact defensively. As if a video showing coach talking defense refutes this. Its mind boggling.
    Round and round. Defense cannot be positive when you don't have defensive players! Again, the Suns were an underrated defensive team, won 60+ twice and made it to the WC finals twice. THEY WERE TITLE COMPETITORS!

    hat you thought anyone would be satisfed with being near last in the league in defense.
    Who said that? Strawman much?

    I said having the 1-2 top rated offense combined with MIDDLE of the ROAD defense can make you a title contender and lead to a chip. Our offense will work itself out now that we have Melo and Billiups alongside Amare. Now they are working on increasing the defense evidenced by the addition of JJ and the common talking point that we are in the hunt for a big this offseason.

    That you believe "proof" is needed that illustrates how an uptempo style affects defense. Really? I and others have used logic, reasoning, and a slew of examples of taking such approach. Not to mention the stats. Isn't the proof in the pudding? Are allthe writers, coaches, players etc... wrong. Really, you figured something out that no one hasn't... really? Wow!
    So you are saying all up tempo teams are bad at defense? The Thunder last year would beg to differ. So would the Showtime Lakers...

    That's the basis of ignorance. Your perception has become yur reality. Altering your perception to fit your fellings. No is saying you can't like coach, but how can you call yourself objecive when you can't admit the obvious?
    My bias? Please! Again, I am on record early this season and so are you. I just happen to be consistent with the agreement we made and you are reniging on it pretending you never said it! Again:

    Originally Posted by Red
    You two Mofo's finished your sentimental sh*t?

    So is it agreed... playoffs or D'Antoni goes?

    I can agree to that, I just think there are too many Fire MDA or who's fault is it threads... and I want to kill this debate til' the results are in.

    Yea btw I can respect Trill & Metro and if I'm offended I know how to not respond unlike some posters. One.
    It is YOU who had a prejudged bias and it is YOU backing away from your agreement. We are in the playoff hunt, we are the 6th seed and we do have a winning record yet you still want D'ant fired and you still create a thread a week crying about our coach...

    Again, my verdict was accurate as far as I'm concerned. I saw nothing at that time that was different than the past, and I still see a lack of coaching effectiveness defensively, most likely due to the overall approach. And the stats say this as well as logic.
    How can you say you verdict is accurate when the conclusion of your verdict lead to the above quoted agreement? Simply put, you predicted another losing season and missing the playoffs and I said we would make the playoffs. Barring a major collapse you were wrong yet you still hate on D'ant even though the team is far exceeding your own expectations!

    Your little video won't cut it. MDA's quotes won't cut it. Here in NY we need results.

    6th seed
    winning record
    multiple players having career years
    development of TD, Fields and Williams (not to mention Felton, Gallo and Chandler prior to trade)

    Answer me this...Which if any team would we be ahead of us had we used a different coach? Explain your reasoning!

    Until you show some proof that your stance is correct you min as well be that stubborn kid refusing to accept the truth standing vehemently with your fingers in your ear.
    proof? As if you have shown any proof. You say my videos, quotes and articles mean nothing then turn around and tell me I just speak words and ask for proof!? Proof again will be D'ant winning a ring or retiring without one. That is the ultimate truth. I can say with certainty that he coached up a contender for 4+ years and you yourself just posted a thread predicting that we are going to the EC finals!

    With 2max's MDA will be blamed if we fail, accept it. No more excuses. All your assertions will be tested. And on video just for you.
    Stop pretending like we have a complete roster. We have an amazing core but it will take time to fill the holes.
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