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Thread: Lack of D

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    they say Defense is aBOUT effort and hustle and these guys proved that tonight.. lets hope they bring it like this every night

    Billboard of Carmelo taken w/ my cell phone on 4/10/11 on 33rd street right by the Garden

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    What a win. I felt like it was the mid-90's (at least after the first quarter). We need another big, but the defense tonight great. I know they had a two hour practice on Saturday about defense and it obviously paid off. I will change my opinion on MDA instantly if he can make them play D like that on a consistent basis.

    Imagine what happens when our shots start falling too.

    I think most of the credit goes to Billups tonight. He slowed down the pace when he needed and hit some INCREDIBLE plays. Ridiculous lay-up, three pointer four feet behind the arc, and a steal (maybe two-- can't remember).

    Great D by Melo at the end, and great help by Amar'e.

    Just a good time. I felt like it was the good old days. Winning a game, by scoring only 91 points? Really? Wow. Love it!

    Competitive fun! I am so excited.

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    Yeah D'Antoni seems to make me eat my words a lot.

    This was a HUGE win. A brand-new team (basically) beating on the Miami Big 3.

    That's huge. Defense was the name of the game.

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    ^ Post-game D'ant said it was precisely the type of game, and way of playing/effort that you need to win.

    We still went small...even ultra small...Granted, MIA has a weak froncourt...but Bosh is Bosh, and LBJ has the strength/size to pretty much be a front court player in his own right.

    Our rotations were crisp. And walker was a huge boon. Shawn Williams, as well -- stepping in as not just a front court player...But able 5...Crazy.

    But above all...Melo...and STAT...upped their defensive ante, and were gamers on both sides.

    Let's ride a defensive heatwave..keep pressure opponents, but above all our individual players to not look and feel like chumps for slacking on their D.

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