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    Default A picnic delays Crawford Deal!!

    WOw Have U seen This the deal is delayed bc of a picnic, and it says deaks done n nutin on Crawford rejecting it, and they have 2 give up harington and franky and they dont loose Norris i knew yesterdays deal was to good and anything WHAT is wrong wit the NBA u cnt have a picnic when a deal like this is goin down.Hopefully it rains on them =)

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    "The Knicks and Bulls couldn't officially consummate the Crawford deal yesterday anyway because the NBA ran its company picnic and couldn't approve the deal"

    "According to a source, Dikembe Mutombo, Othella Harrington and Frank Williams, all in the final years of their contracts, will head to Chicago. Moochie Norris' inclusion was a sticking point during last-minute talks yesterday, until Isiah Thomas relented and substituted Harrington. With Norris out, Thomas will not be required to fork over $3 million in cash. Cezary Trybanski was a late throw-in. The only true loss is Williams, who's expendable with Crawford aboard"

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    is this a joke???

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