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    Originally Posted by STAT1
    Been waiting for Betances to break into the bigs for the past couple years since I heard about him playing for the Staten Island Yanks. Kid has a blazing fastball. Not overly impressed with his offspeed stuff but when you got a 97-98 mph fastball it makes up for a lot of weakness in your other pitches. We probably won't be seeing him or Manny Banuelos in any major league action until September callups at the absolute earliest though, they're not gonna rush these kids up to the bigs.

    Agree about Vazquez, he's got some nice pop in his bat. I doubt he gets a real chance though this year unless Chavez gets injured. How is that guy's fielding skills, read anything about his defense bro?

    How did Ivan Nova look? Think he's gonna have a real shot at 1 of the last 2 rotation spots?
    I'm not sure about his defense, never seen him play before the last two televised spring training games, but here's an interesting article taken from the Yankees web site --- makes you believe there's some real competition between Chavez and Vazquez for the reserve corner infield spot. Looks like Girardi doesn't consider this guy's defense to be an issue so far:

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    Chavez obviously has a leg up on this dude with the glove but if Chavez really can't handle the bat anymore like he used to AND Vazquez keeps proving he's no butcher with the glove at 1st & 3rd (which we're gonna need to know--I'd play him in the field every chance I had if I were Joe just to see) while continuing to tear the cover off the ball, I think I might prefer Vazquez after all..Vazquez's bat might suddenly become very important esp. if Posada underperforms as the primary DH early on and proves he's just not a regular player anymore..I guess he'd only be a phone call away though even if he didn't make it and we went with Chavez..Perhaps it's wishful thinking, but I'm starting to think we might be able to match Boston's offense even with all the moves they made to bolster their lineup this offseason -- Vazquez at DH, Montero behind the plate possibly, a healthy Grandy for the entire season, all this to go along with what's already there..Who knows man, we might have a chance to really close the gap with them a little bit..

    Nova looked good the other day bro..Threw the ball real well and against the Phillies A-team before they started subbing guys in for their regulars..I think he's definitely in the lead for one of the last two spots in the rotation.
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