FYI this thread is not a reaction to the Knicks @ Heat game which I haven't seen yet. Just my observations.

Since the Melo trade a lot of what I've read on this forum dismisses our Knicks team as not strong enough, even with the addition of 2 players, to make it deep into the playoffs.

Now I get it, our rebounding is horrible, we need at least one more big who will board and hopefully JJ can do what he did back in the day even when he's not adding much to his own statsheet he fires up the team to play with some defensive intensity (good luck getting Melo to play like that!).

However what I don't get is why people think we need to wait for yet ANOTHER saviour in 2012 in the form of Deron or CP3.

Guys we have two of the best players in the league, both top 10 players, only just stiking the prime of their careers. We have a veteran and still quality PG who can score and take the load off when needed. We have a smart, young SG who is only going to get better. We have a handful of role players who can help us down the stretch.

I mean, I know Denver has Nene, but they didn't have Stat... And look at the success Denver had in recent years. Imagine the 2009 Nuggets with Stat on their team! They would be title contenders without a doubt.

Apart from our inside presence (which can be gotten much earlier than 2012) what is it that you guys see that I don't? Why is this team not at least a contender in the East?