Daughters/Sons/Niece/Nephew/and friends all enjoyed the game at
my house on Sunday.
In one room MSG Screen, and in the other room (6 seconds late) ESPN Screen.
It was fun to hear one room of folks yelling & screaming and then 6 seconds
later the next room yelling and screaming.

Do anyone have the T.V ratings of the game? Explosive Excitement.

I still want Dantoni FIRED at the end of the season.
We prove Miami is not a strong rebounding team, they have no-rebounding
depth off their bench (at least this season). Miami has the same
weak problem as we do.... we are victims vs all strong-rebounding teams.

The Knicks showed strong depth in our guard-rotation using 3-defensive PG
in Billups, Douglas, Carter, with two of our SG in Fields & Walker to pressure
D.Wade into having a 12 point game. Remarkable@Miami

The Knicks won another low scoring game, which should prove next season
under a defensive-headcoach would prepare us better for the postseason games by adding a center with Amare & Melo.