I enjoyed watching us develope guys such as Gallo & Chandler, because they were Knicks, but it ends right there. Key word being 'Knicks'. I could honestly care less about Denver or any of those players anymore. It's not like they were Ewing, Oakley or Starks. When Denver plays teams out of the East, I'll root for them in the same types of ways that I root for the Lakers, Hornets or Rockets against the East. Thats as far as it goes for me.

Mozgov was a project rookie who was only averaging 4 points & 3 boards. Turiaf had more starts this year at C than the Russian to begin with. Felton was with us for over a half a year, he was becoming a lower tier-top 10 PG because of Amare Stoudemire. Lets not get it confused or twisted, because it wasn't the other way around. Amare has been Amare, even when fans thought Amare was only Amare because of Nash.

Good luck to those guys. They will never be the "Knicks West", they'll always be an opposing team who could care less about the Knicks. I'm sure Denver fans hate us