On draft Night 2008 I was highly livid at us not making a move to swoop him when I saw him drop into the 2nd round!

But in all actuallity he would probably be a Nugget if The Knicks had drafted him.

So I see him as the best of the Centers we realistically have a shot at this off season.

Now I think regardless if their is a MLE or not after the new CBA we should be able to go after him.

I am no cap specialist, but I assume if The League goes to a "hard cap" then they will increase the amount teams can spend. I imagine last year's 58 million be risen somewhere around 65 million or so if there is a hard cap implemented, which in either case would give The Knicks the ability to 6 million or so to offer this kid.

A call from Melo and Amare this summer would certainley gas this kid a bit!


a top 3 seed in the newly re-vamped East!

Problem is we do have some competitors

1.Heat-while they probably have a more urgent need at The PG spot to fill, DeAndre would be a very nice fit to what they have going on down there, plus Bibby will probably sign for the veterns min. And if a call from Stat and Melo would have him thinking NY a call from D Wade and Lebron will equally gas this kid!

2.Clippers-why not remain home and be apart of a very very good front court for years to come?! Problem here is Kaman is still on The bench and they are not sitting a 12 milliion dollar player nor is anyone going to trade for a 12 million dollar player who hasnt played more than 60 games in a minute so DeAndre could look at being a starter next year as an incentive as opposed to waiting for Kaman to fall off the books.

Others Centers to consider
Kendrick Perkins-not sure what the market is going to be for him coming off injuries, but healthy he is a better option than Jordan....just not sure how little money he plays for next year or how much is too much to pay for a player who has been hurt as much as he has been the past two seasons.

Joel Pryzbilla-a nice filler (a band aid if you will), could get him for a cheap one year deal not at all a long term solution.

Samuel D.-fills a need, but not a good fit for us, acutually he is better suited for what they are doing in Miami truthfully.