Ok. So Everyone keeps going on and on about "You need a big 3" and "every championship team had 3 great player!"


While it is true a Big 3 can win a title (for EX Boston in the 80s/00, a few of Micheal Jordans teams, Lakers in the 80s, 1970 Knicks with Clyde, Earl, Reed)

A big two with both veteran and Promising young role playersis also a good way to do it. Look at the Lakers.

Kobe and Gasol with alot of roleplayers.

Look at the Heat. They can have 1 superstar out there with a cast of mediocre role players.

now look at the Lakers. they can have Kobe out there with Odom, Fischer, Brown and Artest, and Kobe with Matt Barnes and Steve Blake!

This is what we need to do to become a championship contender.

Ok so next year this is what we do.

Turiaf will most likely pick up his Option

Pick up Shawne Williams team option (800k)

Pick up Derrick Browns team option (800k)

Grab a backup PG vor vets minimum (Arroyo?)

resign Roger Mason for 1 million

Trade Andy Rautins to Toronto for a 2nd round pick

With the 2nd round pick draft Dwight hardy to replace Rautins and do his job 10x better!

With our 1st round pick draft Kenneth Faried!

then we have like 5 million in cap room.

With that we sign Deandre Jordan!

This will give us enough big men to challenge the Heat and Celtics!

PG: Chauncy Billups
SG: Landry Fields
SF: Carmelo Anthony
PF: Amare Stoudemire
C: Deandre Jordan


C Ronny Turiaf
PG/SG Toney Douglas
C Kenneth Faried
SG/SF Bill Walker
SF/PF Derrick Brown
SF/PF Shawne Williams
PG Carlos Arroyo
PG/SG Dwight Hardy
PG Roger Mason
15th spot: I think we need a tough backup PF to add to this spot.

Also give the Hottest rookie in the game an extension!!!!!!!