So we all knew Amare was great at pick and roll when he operated with Nash (and MDA) in Phoenix. It would be great if that was an option for us now, but it seems like it isn't.

It isn't that we're not running the PnR per se, but rather that it sucks for some reason. Whenever I see us running it, it looks slow and almost never results in an open look for anyone. In fact what I see most often when we run the PnR is that neither the picker or the pickee (yeah, I need some better terms for that) gets open at all, and we often just end up where we were before we ran it, albeit with less time on the shot clock.

So given that we have 2/3 of the formula that led to so much success in PHX, does our problem lie at PG? I'd understand if Amare was getting open and our PG couldn't find him, but it's not even like that's the case. Or is it that we don't have a PG that commands enough respect to draw attention in a PnR scenario?

What would you think about a PnR system incorporating Melo and Stat? Stat sets the pick and Melo with the ball. Coming out of it, both guys can hit the mid-range J or drive in with force, meaning that you can not ignore either one (which often means one will be ignored while the other is given attention).

Any basketball tacticians out there care to comment? I'm just a regular guy who watches basketball.