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    Originally Posted by iSaYughh compare us to the Spurs? The Spurs?

    Their defensive improvement from last year (in those three players) is modest improvement, mainly because they have added superior surrounding players who are defensive +'s in their own rights (Blair, eg, who has come into his own), and having depth to keep their frontline players fresh.

    Freshness = the ability to make the key defensive stop, and keep the intensity high.

    Maybe when a defensive wizard or naturally strong defender doesn't need surrounding circumstances to improve his defense, but mediocre or sub-par ones do.

    And right now we have stank ass depth, no C, and over rely on offensively brilliant players to turn on their defensive chops at the most difficult and least-likely of times.

    Would Tibs improve our D? Pop?

    Of course! They are also defensive wunderkinds as coaches. We won't be getting them, or anything close in caliber.


    Give us a legit starting C...any sort of legit, rounded out bench that includes some defensive 1trick ponies...and the time for our current players to gel...

    You don't think we will experience, even if MDA doesn't change **** in his approach or deviate from where you think he is at, a dramatic improvement in D?

    Especially the ability to get key defensive stops, especially late in games?

    Now combine that with what will essentially be the NBA's #1 or #2 offense....

    I agree point differential per/100 is a great metric. And ours will be tremendous.

    Defensive wizards MAKE OTHERS BETTER.

    The celtics? Random that Garnett made the other stars get their **** together defensively, along with Perkins?

    Or the (*now*) praised Pau Gasol....He just happens to go to a team with naturally gifted defenders and guys who crave defense...And he becomes a hardened 2way player?

    Cmon....The Center position at any rate is the premium position, especially for defense -- a surprise Chicago has one of the most vocal, demanding and solid defensive centers?

    Or the Spurs with Duncan?

    Our offense is and will remain #1 or close to with MDA. We can agree on this.

    Our defense WILL make great strides simply by making shrewd decisions on players. And defensive coaches. Even if MDA is as bad as you say, and doesn't change.
    I'm not comparing us to the Spurs. I'm saying we should strive to be like the Spurs. Our prob is more than just a center. Duncan is older, not putting up the same stats. They play great D becausr of their coach. Experience helps, but as you can tell by the stats, D'Antoni's offense makes players defensive ratings get worse.

    We need a coach (assistant or head) that emphasizes defensive focus and intensity. We will never be an elite team without it.
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