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Has Dantoni not been focusing on defense lately? He said it himself that the team would focus on defense first and the offense would naturally follow.

We have a brand new team who's lineup has just been completely shuffled by trades yet again. Give it time before you throw up random stats of teams that are in no way the same situation as us.

iSaYughh brings up a good point on how great defensive players make everyone else better. We don't even have a start worthy center on the team. How can we expect to match the Spur's and Laker's interior defense without a real big? I hate to say it, but please grow a backbone and get some patience.

Part of the fun is watching your team grow. Don't panic at every single negative thing and demand immediate gratification.
Joe the stats are there. Maybe D'antoni is changing his stripesm maybe he's not. A center won't matter w/o a real emphais on defense. The spurs have a simliar team to in style. To have a such an undying commitment to D'Antoni that you are wlling to ignore hard numbers is sad to me.

Let me remind you that the Bulls put up those numbers w/o Noah for much of the year.