I will try to answer you all iin kind here, but I am on a phone, so excuse my errors. A center does matter, but we have much more significant problems in that our guys are lost when trying to defend as a team. I SHOWED increased numbers on the defensive end that show how Tommy nade each one of his players a better defender. Derrek Rose in particular is having an amazing season on both ends of the court.

Queens, I. Know he doesn't teach D b/c his players have said as much. I know he doesn't teac D b/c he has said as much. He is n offensive minded coach, for sure, and that is what he will focus on. With our guys, however, they are so talented offensively that we will ge our ponts no matter what.

The reason I posted about the Spurs is to show an example of the type of pace on offense and defense we need to run. I want a defensive minded head or assistant coach as I believe it will propel us to a top team in th league.

We are doing better defensively (still showing our lapses) b/c we have slowed down the offense. But if you watched last night, we still don't know how to defend a simple pick and roll. A simple solution is to use the Jeffries zone, but for whatever reason he went away from it in the 4th.... we won't shoot like we havein the last 2 games on a nightly basis. We need D to win against the true elite teams... I look forward to tonight's game, on that note. But if you guys believe we get a C and all of a sudden we are a championship team, then you are sorely mistaken. That Memphis team gave us a run for our money withpout Rudy Gay. Their D was great... we were just hitting ridiculous shots. We got lucky wikth the win... D insures that we don't need luck to win.