This is my first thread so dont go too hard on me, its just my opinion lol. As we all know, Melo and STAT are both "Superstars" in this league, but I question their "Superstar" status'. They both have olympic gold medals, multiple all-star game appearences, and large reputations around the league from fans. ie jersey sales, twitter followers, etc... The thing that is bothering me is that Kobe, Lebron, wade, howard, and even durant get "superstar" treatment from the league when it comes to their gameplay, ot our stars though.

If you watch close in games, Melo and STAT are equal to the previously mentioned players talent wise, but I have yet to see them get to the line as frequent as they should. Yea they may shoot 6-8 freethrows a game, but how many times have you saw a play with one of them where there should of been a whistle? I see that more with them too than anybody in the league, considering how much as they go to the basket strong plus contact. I feel they should be rewarded more. What you guys think?