This was only the 5th time, in 5 years, that a team has had two players with 30+ pts before the start of the 4th. It only took 8 games; NY has a deadly duo.

Stat N' Melo now make for one of, if not the best 1-2 punches around. Top 3 for sure.

LeBron & Wade may never get it right. They both play different positions, but they also play with almost the same exact offensive methods. Only way it works is if James runs Point & allows Wade to become the scoring champ. The pride of "king james" may never allow that to happen though.

I just love how we walked away with both Carmelo & Amare. NY already has a better chemistry than MIA. Both Amare & Melo's game compliment eachothers playing styles to a 'T'. Complete total opposites. opposites attract though.

Great inside-outside game. Amare also has a smooth as silk jumper; which is pretty rare for a big man. Melo does it all. Nice jumper, drives to the rim & finishes with the best of em, scores in the paint, great post up player with his back to the basket etc, etc.