Not that I am a Dantoni hater, I serioulsy think starting now is when we can accuratley assess (spelled wrong) him as a coach, but if it doesnt work out and Phil does indeed retire from The Lakers would he coach this Knicks team down the road?

For sure he would be mentioned as a canidate!!!

Years ago this was a hot topic, but Phil Jackson said it in his book he never really gave thought to coaching The Knicks, not the Patrick Ewing,Spree,H20 squad in 99 and certainley not The Isiah assembled squad when the rumor re-serviced, the latter at which he basically laughed about.

But Phil has been rather outspoken about Mia's "Big 3" and his lack of belief in how good they can be, but he has to know while his Laker team would knock them off this year if they faced off, that for years to come they would eventually dominate his squad....which I beleive has something to do with his retirement (or resignation) as Lakers coach.

Not to mention D Wade poking fun at him saying "He wants to be our next coach" probably did not go over well w/ Phil and you gotta think he would love to block them from being a dynasty like his 90's Bulls squad.

So where could he go to actually challenge them? When you look at the whole league NY would make the most sense in that regard

Problem is that at the end of the day Phil wants more than just two superstars on his team but rather the two best players in The NBA, but if NY got a player like Deron Williams then maybe he breaks that trend.

We'll see!!!!