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    Default R.I.P., Mike Starr

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    The original bassist of Alice in Chains was found dead Tuesday at age 44. They're one of my favorite bands. This shocked and saddened me. Always wanted him to re-unite with them, even if it was one show. I hope him and Layne are at peace.

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    I watched Mike on Celeb Rehab and was cheering for him to overcome his demons. Addiction is just a motherf*cker.

    I recently gave a presentation at Stony Brook University on the causes of addiction, after having spent a year counseling addicts and people in recovery (work I very likely will return to).

    It is so difficult for people to quit, because they just don't know how else to live with the pain that so often dwells within them. It is only love, which I used to basically force down clients' throats (in a nice way), that shatters the dependence on substances. They have to see that love is real and everywhere.

    The man's now free... the mysteries of life revealed to him.

    God bless, Mike.

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