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The ability for the coach to make in game adjustments is a key component to winning ball games. Dantoni is a great offensive coach but when you need those Xs and Os for strategic purposes, he fails.

I have memories of JVG with his clip board and constantly making adjustments during the game. He constantly subbed for matchup purposes and at the end of games he was very technical when it came to using his players. That's a real all around coach.

I agree. I wonder what his gameplan was against dallas was? I said it in an earlier post that tery would be a problem, dirk will get his, we just have to do the intangibles to win agame like this and we got killed by WIDE open shots, loose balls and rebounds.

Alot of times a coach will get a tech purposely to fire up the team, but Dantoni did it when dallas was on a run, melo n stat were on the bench and jeffries was constantly geing killed n the pick and roll. His timing was terrible. The thing that irritated me the most was Dantoni kept fields and shawne williams on the bech after they got hot.

In the 3rd q did anybody notice fields score 8 straight with a few steals, and great Defense on the ball. Right after the timeout, fields was back on the bench. Same with williams in the 2nd q after he knocked down 3 3's.

We got embarrased and outplayed. He should of tried this:
Melo pg
Fields sg
shawn williams sf
Stat pf
Turiaf or sheldon williams C

He shold of tried alot of stuff, but o well game over. On to the next