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    Dampier wants to come and NY want's him. That's all that's needed for this situation. With dampier at starting cener and nazi as a back up the knicks are better set at center then most of the nba. With the best 3 guard rotation in the leauge ( damn it feels good to say that ), offensively the knicks are set. Now with our center situation coming together we have to look towards bulding a DEEP team! Detroit is a DEEP team specificaly this year with all the new additions, so the knicks have to follow suit. Baker is a inexpensive addition. And he's a guy with something to prove, so when signed expect him to go hard. Talent, Athletisim, and Depth is the key to a sucessful knicks team. We got the latter two goals down, we now need quality renforcment at all positions to create a championship contender.

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    Originally Posted by TmAc N Knicks4life
    thank god we need dampier hes not a foward, hes a center and we need a nice center hwo cn rebound and score and stop shaq whoo cn do that???? dampier!!!
    first of all thats not happening and isiah even said that dampier cant stop shaq. nobody can. and everything you said before that yea everyone knows what dampier can do thats why we want him.

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