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    Default New Spin: Would MDA be better at Denver?

    It's never going to happen but hypothetically do you think MDA would do a better job with the Nuggets than Karl?

    MDA was brought here to run a certain offense and it's an offense he'll never be able to run with Carmelo, Chauncey and Amar'e.

    So what do you think?

    Please don't just talk about how bad he is here, there's a million threads for that. I'm asking if you still think he could be a good coach doing what he knows best with players that could run his system.

    It's easy to forget that MDA was about to take us to the playoffs with no all stars and nothing really close to a potential all star this year or next.

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    I think just about any coach would do better in DEN than with NY (this year).

    J.R Smith

    Just to name a few. All 5 of those talents have been, & are key players for DEN. They've all been with DEN for more than 1 year. Most for much longer.

    MDA or any other coach could never say the same with this NY "team". How many players (key players) were with NY last year? The only key player that comes to mind is Douglas (who's only a 2nd year player). Before the trade? Gallo was MDA's only returning starter from last year. After the trade? 5 starters who weren't with NY or MDA last year; including a Rook in Fields.

    How many rookies has DEN started this year? Zero. How many has NY started this year? Mozgov & Fields.

    Thats just my take on these two teams. Thats how I view these two different situations.

    If MDA weren't a good coach; he wouldn't rank as one of only 3 coaches, in NBA history, that led his team to a 60 win season after taking over for a 50+ loss team the previous season.

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    Hey would be better back in Italy.

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