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    Default Knicks V Pacers - Mar 13 + 15: Home And Away Double Thread Special

    Crazy8s Thread Soundtrack

    Growing up on a small island, 10,600 miles from New York, this epic number from circa '92 is on the first CD I ever bought, and was the same year I first went to The Big Apple to watch The Knicks. The very track I was listening to on the walk to The Garden.

    Press play NOW. It's life changing inspirado.


    After an entire era's worth of woeful lowliness for us, we're caught in the throes of an escalating race for preeminence.

    From tip-off at The Garden this Sunday, we have 17 games in which to establish as best a position as possible for our long awaited return to the post season. An old and bitter foe challenges us at home and in their own arena, in a pair of crucial consecutive games.



    And Now, The Moment You've All Been Waiting For.


    The whole "some say" thing has been thrown on the back burner.

    The Bear Jew

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    In a factual article in England, it states that his all mighty wang is so big, that it has its own almighty wang

    The Beast On The Block

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    He's so cool, that when he puts on sunglasses, lesbians everywhere crave his seed.

    The Protegé

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    Favourite food: Virgin souls

    Leeroy Jenkins

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    His retail skills are so deft, that he once sold a meat coat to a vegan.

    The Giraffe

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    Once, upon being asked to please a woman, he went for the thrust of lust..........and missed

    The focal of probing our opponents in my eyes, is to refer to our weaknesses and strengths to ascertain advantages.

    We shall start with rebounding, our main concern, per position.

    ◉ The Pacers, through positions 3-5, carom 32.3 RPG and 11.9 RPG in the back court for a total of 44.2 RPG combined. 4th best in the Eastern Conference.

    They allow opponents glass cleaners, positions 3-5, 31.4 RPG and 11.3 from the back court, for a total of 42.7 RPG

    The Knicks, however, positions 3-5, average 27.6 RPG and 13.5 from our back court, for a total of 41.1. Fields, clearly, is the difference maker here.

    As we know too well, opponent bigs have career nights on the glass against us. This is an issue that needed rectifying at season's beginning. When will it be addressed?

    70% of Indiana's converted offence comes from jump shots. They advocate ball movement in motion offence. Guard play and defending screens will help in thwarting their go to motion plays.

    They also convert plays in a similar quick fire manner to the SSOL, with a whopping 42% of their converted makes coming from a quick strike motion set play in the first 10 seconds of the shot clock.

    Our transition defence is as temperamental as a pregnant prostitute. We have to stick with our assignments and communicate. Transition screens must be played effectively, and defensive switches are integral to success.

    We have an advantage at the point courtesy of strength in numbers. Throwing Billups, Douglas and Anthony Carter at Darren Collison will aid in crippling the transition threat. We can afford a full court one on one check after converted buckets.

    Focal Match Up

    Danny Granger, Indiana's leading scorer @ 20.7 PPG, is a very smooth scorer and an effective rebounder @ 5.5 RPG. According to, he is capable of outstanding defence when inspired, and what inspires a player more than going head to head with an opponent better than them?

    At 6'8" - 228, he measures up almost exactly with Anthony, who at the same height weighs in @ 230.

    Interior Threats

    Hibbert: 7.7 RPG, 1.8 BPG ★ 7'2" - 278 Lbs

    McRoberts: 5.5 RPG, .9 BPG

    Foster: 6.7 RPG, .7 BPG

    Nostalgia At Its Best

    A look back at 2 of the best moments of our heated rivalry with Indiana, and an example of the electricity in MSG when we took on Veggie Griller and the Pacers. I still abhor Reggie Miller to this day. Every time he sais "Are you kidding me?" whilst commentating, I feel like kicking his sister in the balls.

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