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    Default What do you want from a PG?

    I read an interesting article a while back which was based around MDA but also spoke about Steve Nash as his PG and how he thought he was overrated, how Mike inflated his numbers and how a player that can't play defense or hit shots shouldn't be MVP.

    It got me thinking, first of all about the players MDA had at his disposal and whether he did inflate their numbers and whether they went on to be better players without him (my answer was no) but that's not the point of this thread, the second point is.

    Does a pass first PG who can't play D really deserve to ever be MVP?

    When Joe Johnson is knocking down shots you don't really need to be that great at perimeter shooting but you still need to be able to defend and if your team are able to and you arn't, are you really the MVP?

    Another thing, do you give the MVP to the most valuable player to their team? If you do then forget Rose because that man is Dwight Howard of the Orland Howards but it's Rose that will more likely win it for his play, so why is it called the MVP?

    I digress though (as usual), so back to the original question, what is most important about a PG for you? Does it differ from team to team or is there a set formula you like to go by?

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    Default PG

    "My" PG that I want on my team is an unselfish leader who looks to get his team rolling by whatever means.... In other words a Pass first PG who can knock down the 3 would be nice ( Chauncey Billups during his prime or J.Kidd in his prime with a better 3 pt stroke kind of player in my opinion )
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    rondo with a slightly better jimmy... doesnt have to be a great jump shot.. but good enough to keep the defnse honest

    pass first.. good dfense.. good penetration

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    Chris Paul's handle, Steve Nash's shooting, Deron's vision, Rondo's defense, Rose's hops, Wall's quickness, in Westbrook's body.

    But really....

    A floor general, defender, ability to knock down free throws consistently.

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    Pretty much what Jason Williams and Steve Nash does. Both keep a great tempo, great passers, great vision, and can shoot (Williams is consistent these days and takes less shots).

    As far as Nash goes about whether he deserved to be MVP or not, well I dunno about the seasons he won it, but if the Suns make the Playoffs this year I think he deserves it. His numbers are similar to when he was MVP and is without Amar'e. Vince Carter and Grant Hill are still good, but they have a lot of wear and tear on them, so this is a different story. What Nash is doing is amazing. His defense is decent this season too. Didn't pay attention to the other seasons I saw him.
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    Default Rafer Alston

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