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How about you give MDA a full offseason of training camp, practices & preseason games to work with the team... B4 expecting a top 10 D over night. Has MDA even had an offseason to work with his 3 leaders in Billups, Amare & Melo? The answer is no.

Next year we'll have Billups, Fields, Melo & Amare ALL returning as starters. 4 of 5 starters returning.

Big difference from having 0 starters who were with us the previous year.

Chances are we'll also upgrade @ the Center position & add a big body who can bang, block shots, fill the lanes & rebound to take some pressure off of Amare himself.

You think this is the finished product? Sad.

Walsh, Dolan & MDA all had a plan starting 3 years ago. Those plans were to turn the roster over, get the franchise out of cap hell, add two stars & compete for the playoffs; NY has done JUST that.

I'm sorry if that hasn't been ''good enough" for some of you MDA harpers after NY has been dead for 10+ years.

The next steps are to improve the paint by adding a C who can run.
I'm sorry, but I want what's best for my team. Maybe you don't.

Let me ask you again:

You are going to apologize when MDA fails to get us there, right?